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To: John Dewar, Vice Chancellor of La Trobe Univerisity

Academics Demand La Trobe Management Reinstate Roz Ward Immediately

La Trobe backs down. Roz Ward reinstated.

The university has withdrawn all charges and Roz returned to work on Monday.

The concerted campaign by Roz's union, the Safe Schools community and the wider community has clearly forced the university to come to its senses.

The NTEU calls upon Australia's vice chancellors to stand up and make it very clear that this type of unwarranted attack upon both academic freedom and the right of employees to hold and express an opinion will never be repeated.

If anyone wondered why you might join a union - this is why.

Immediately reinstate Roz Ward and drop all allegations of misconduct. Posting a political opinion on a personal facebook page is not misconduct, and any action against Roz is an attack on academic freedom.

Why is this important?

The case against Roz is a case against all workers and activists. Roz is facing a serious misconduct charge and has been suspended for stating a political belief. La Trobe University management are participating in a witch hunt driven by the Murdoch Press and right wing bigots. We need to defend Roz's job and the rights of any worker in any workplace to express political beliefs.

Reasons for signing

  • Make no mistake, Roz Ward is being attacked for being a unionist, standing up against homophobia and transphobia, and opposing racism. It's appalling that a university would penalise a worker for expressing their political opinions. Shame on La Trobe university management.
  • It is bad enough we have a political system that bends to the whims of our conservative press but when these voices dictate the actions of academia then society is in real trouble. Having a social conscience is not misconduct.
  • The irony... I'm being restricted to 500 characters! I don't know Roz, but one thing I do know is that we live in a nation that promotes diversity, acceptance & equality... Yet if someone speaks out and actively voices their opinions on the changes that must occur to achieve those goals.... It's apparently misconduct. This is unjust, disgraceful & totally immoral!


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