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To: Australian Federal Government

Remove the cap on International Student working hours

Dear Anthony Albanese,

International students have been the backbone of the economy of this country over the last 2 years. We pushed through ScoMo's insensitive statements asking us to go back home when we had moved here and created homes for ourselves in these beautiful Australian communities, fought through the Liberal's failure to include us in recovery plans and continued to hope that a new election meant, better opportunities and more hope for us.

International students bring a wealth of experience, knowledge, cultural diversity and a renewed sense of hope about what this nation can offer a young migrant and change their lives. Just as you keep reminding us, it did yours. We have the same hope too.

We call on the Labor government to fix a system by the previous government that forgot us. As young immigrants, we look at your government with an anticipated sense of hope.

Having our working our restrictions lifted is an opportunity for us to work with community organisations, small businesses, early-child care centers, in schools, with new migrants who are being re-settled, in law enforcements, as creative artists and inspirational speakers without worrying about limitations that prevent us from being organically and wholly involved in these opportunities.

This work cap will allow us to take on opportunities and create 10x more for the people around us. We strongly call on the Labor government to lift this cap and show us, they are our friends.

Why is this important?

International students have worked through the harsh lockdown periods in the earlier years of the COVID-19 pandemic and demonstrated that we care about the Australian communities we are a part of.

We deserve to have greater opportunities for our selfless contributions and be part of new exciting ventures that help grow, recover and stabilise the Australian economy.


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