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To: Dairy multi-national, Parmalat

Respect Longwarry Dairy workers

Respect Longwarry Dairy workers

End the lock-out and provide Dairy workers in Longwarry with industry standards and secure jobs!

Why is this important?

We are Dairy workers in Longwarry and we're fighting for a fair go. Recently Longwarry Foods was bought out by multi-national Parmalat. We are some of the lowest paid workers in the Dairy industry. Many of us are on short term contracts without the security of a full-time job, even though we have worked full time hours for up to three years.

Now the company have locked us out of the factory and we are unable to go to work.

We work hard every day. We want secure jobs so we can support our families.

We ask that you show your support by signing and sharing this petition. Parmalat needs to know that the community doesn't support multi-nationals locking out workers and denying them the right to permanent jobs, a living wage and a fair go.


How it will be delivered

Workers will deliver this petition to management.


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