To: WA State Government

Road To Respect WA

Bus Drivers are calling on the WA State Government to revolutionise the treatment of bus drivers within the transportation system.

Through this initiative, we aspire to ensure that every bus driver feels valued by fostering a safer, more secure and respectful working environment.

Introducing the "Road to Respect WA" campaign, a statewide initiative aimed at acknowledging the invaluable role bus drivers play in our daily lives and fostering a culture of respect and appreciation for these dedicated professionals.

Why is this important?

Bus drivers are fighting for:
1. Resourcing of mobile security units
2. Improved communication between depots and security support.
3. Improved enforcement for security and power to detain or arrest.
4. Safety screens for drivers.
5. Cashless travel.
6. Conflict resolution training for bus drivers.
7. Improvement of amenities for drivers for both depot and on the road.
8. Increased recovery times between runs.

Western Australia, Australia

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