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To: Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull

Save Aussie Meatworker Jobs

Many families in north Queensland communities rely on income from meat processing in regional areas.
Sending increasing numbers of live cattle overseas for processing brings limited benefit for Australian workers, as most of the work occurs offshore.
Standing by and watching as local meat processing declines will ultimately force higher prices and skill shortages for the industry, and put further pressure on local economies.
You need to act immediately with all levels of government to address factors creating production shortages and protect the future of northern Australia’s meat processing industry.

Why is this important?

We need your voice to tell all levels of government that meatworker jobs are disappearing in north Queensland because of increasing live cattle exports.
Record numbers of cattle are heading overseas for processing, while Aussie meatworkers look for work.
Sign this petition so Prime Minister Turnbull understands the importance of positive action to save decent and vital jobs in regional Australia.

Reasons for signing

  • as a retired meatworker who started work in the 1970s I have experienced stand downs and shut outs and short killing seasons I understand the need for local slaughtering . that's why I support this petition. Every cattle sent overseas is money out of our members pocket
  • No jobs, no pay,more social security payments. Your choice government!
  • We will have a huge shortage of cattle ,which leads to standowns and job loses for local families ,us Australians have to pay with the price of losing your job just because the government has done this deal with live export, We have to look after our own backyard


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