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To: Moreland City Council

Save Fawkner's Outdoor Swimming Pools from Closure

Save Fawkner's Outdoor Swimming Pools from Closure

We, the undersigned, petition Moreland City Council to:

Save Fawkner’s outdoor pools from closure.

The community is making this request to Moreland City Council due to concern that the pools will be significantly downgraded or removed under the planned upgrade to the Fawkner Leisure Centre.
By signing this petition we want to stress to Council that:
• The outdoor pools are a valued part of our community
• We want them to remain a part of our community into the future, particularly as our summers are expected to get hotter, and as they provide a valuable amenity to people of all ages in Fawkner.
• We want to be meaningfully consulted and heard on this issue.

Why is this important?

This petition has been developed by a local Fawkner resident due to concern that the Fawkner community has not anticipated that an ‘upgrade’ to the Fawkner Leisure Centre might involve closing our outdoor pools. Therefore the current community consultation process may not be resourced to reflect the community’s perspective on this issue.

Fawkner VIC 3060, Australia

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Reasons for signing

  • It’s an institution. Love that place.
  • Councils have an obligation to continue to provide the community with health and safety services regardless if the Centre is non-profitable. The Fawkner Pool/ Centre precisely offers this in the form of exercise and children and adults learning swimming skills. It is wrong and shameful to take this service away from its community! Stop thinking about Profit!
  • My family spent every summer at this pool, and we all learnt to swim there. We held family membership in the Swimming Club and participated at Swimming carnivals; both local school and state championship events. Many local families spent summer evenings together, after work and school enjoying the recreation and social interaction. Please don’t lose this asset.


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