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To: Simon Birmingham, Minister for Education and Training

Save our Campus!

All Australians deserve equitable access to higher education, and the University campus at Warrnambool is vital to the future of the city and the region.

We call on you as the Federal Minister for Education and Training to ensure that it remains and grows as a university campus.

Why is this important?

Deakin University has decided to withdraw from its campus in Warrnambool for reasons that are not primarily about the viability of the campus. The campus is vital to the future of Warrnambool and its region. It provides rural and regional families with an opportunity to complete a university degree, and for local students to get the benefits of a higher education.

With the local community, staff, students, unions and local and State governments all committed to ensuring a university campus remains in Warrnambool, what is needed now is for Minister Birmingham and the Federal Government to make a commitment to ensuring the campus remains open.





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