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To: Hon Colin Barnett, Premier of Western Australia

Save our hospital jobs

Dear Premier,
WA’s public hospital system is, and should remain, world class.
The decision to cut over 1500 jobs from our public health system puts our hospitals, our community, at risk.
We believe this decision was made without the appropriate consultation and, by announcing the cuts through the media, has placed health workers in an unnecessary state of insecurity.
Workers should not have to pay for your mismanagement of the public health system.
We urge you reverse these cuts, and commit to protecting the community, by protecting jobs in public hospitals.
Don’t make the WA community pay for your Government’s mistakes.

Why is this important?

My name is Ron and I am a hospital orderly at Royal Perth Hospital.
Colin Barnett has recently made a decision to cut 1,500 jobs from our hospitals and my job is one of the ones that could go.
A first class health system relies on having enough skilled professionals like myself and my colleagues to ensure all Western Australians receive the best possible healthcare.
Cutting jobs in our hospitals puts patients at risk. Western Australians deserve better.




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