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To: Shirley Alexander, Deputy Vice Chancellor of Education and Students

Save Night Owl Noodles, Save Our Union

At UTS each semester you pay $157.50 in SSAF, to fund various services. Each year less and less of SSAF goes to our Students’ Association. This funding cut isn’t based on lack of SSAF available, or a lack of need for funding. Our funding is simply being stripped away, and thus our capacity to run necessary student services.

Your union needs you now more than ever. We need to let UTS know how much students reply on services such as Bluebird Breaky and Night Owl Noodles.

Why is this important?

The UTS Students Association is funded by SSAF, YOUR student money, and we rely on this funding to run:

* Free food services (Bluebird and Night Owl Noodles)
* Free legal, peer tutoring, and advocacy services
* Activism (Climate justice campaigns, Student safety campaigns, No Cuts, No Fees campaigns)
* Vertigo magazine

Due to these funding cuts from UTS, we will be forced to cancel our Night Owl Noodles and BlueBird Brekkie. Services students rely on in times on food and money insecurity. Students need legal aid, we need advocacy, and we need peer tutoring. We NEED free food services. Simply, without funding our services cannot run.

Sign the petition to let the Deputy Vice Chancellor know that you want free food services and other association services to continue, and you want YOUR student union funded.

15 Broadway, Ultimo NSW 2007, Australia

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