To: La Trobe University

Save the Eagle Bar

La Trobe Unviversity has sold the Eagle Bar to a private provider. This provider wants to turn the space into a fancy, corporate-like function centre. The menu will be completely redone and is predicted to be quite expensive.We need affordable food and more undercover spaces on campus where we can hang out with our mates and enjoy a campus life. University is more than the classroom, and we as students ask for the following:
- affordable food that appeals to university students
- affordable alcoholic and non alcoholic beverages
- a chill outdoor space that is undercover
- no fee hikes for booking the eagle bar for events and functions

Why is this important?

This is important because every uni should have an affordable, student run where we can eat lunch or chill with our friends. We need to Save the Eagle Bar from becoming a fancy, expensive corporate function room and turn it into a fun place to drink and eat with friends.