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To: Transport Minister Andrew Constance & Transport for NSW

Save the Heritage Listed Birdwood Park Figs

Transport for NSW are set to remove four Heritage-listed fig trees from Birdwood Park in Newcastle to deliver a $1.4million turning lane.

The trees form part of the Newcastle City Centre Heritage Conservation Area, and are listed items (I161: Fig Trees and I509 Birdwood Park).

Despite consultants engaged by Transport for NSW deeming the removal of these trees as having a "negligible to low impact upon the heritage significance of the conservation area", City of Newcastle Heritage experts believe that the proposed works are likely to affect the heritage significance of the local heritage item and the heritage conservation area in a manner that is more than minor or inconsequential.

Minister Constance, we ask that you urgently re-consider this matter.

Why is this important?

Birdwood Park is a shadow of its former self. The Park was decimated previously by State road authorities for the construction of King Street in the 1970s.

The remainder of the Park has been preserved as an important part of the West End's Heritage, and has been protected as part of the City Centre Heritage Conservation Area.

These trees are important parts of our City. They provide shade and habitat, and they are beloved by the community.

A $1.4 million gold-plated slip lane is not needed at this intersection, and these trees should be protected in perpetuity.


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