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  • Fighting for Fair Visa Processing Times
    Imagine being expected to wait more than two years for a visa decision. In the time that you spend waiting on your visa you struggle to find housing, steady employment, travel overseas, or find affordable childcare and education. Every aspect of your life is left in limbo until the day the Department of Home Affairs grants you permanent residence. Does this sound like a fair visa system to you? It is a known fact that temporary visa holders are essential to Australia. We contribute our time, labour, money, culture and values to this country. Rather than viewing us as temporary migrants, view us as future Australians and help us create the futures we've dreamed of for ourselves and our families. Speak out against endless visa backlogs and the impacts this has on migrant workers in Australia. No more lives in limbo! We're fighting for fair visa processing times for all temporary visa holders!
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    Created by Migrant Workers Centre
  • DOJ Must Investigate TPS Training
    We, the undersigned call on Secretary of Justice, Ginna Webster to stand down those responsible for the failings in TPS Training while you appoint an independent investigator to determine whether a breach of the state service code of conduct has occurred. This is the process afforded to Correctional Officers and as such would be the only way to ensure accountability and integrity. You must commit to take the appropriate steps to rectify and respond to any breaches found to uphold the integrity and accountability of the Tasmania Prison Service in light of the significant cost and safety impact of this failure. We expect the commitment in writing by 28 July and for an investigation to begin by 11 August 2021.
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    Created by Vinnie B
  • Stop Paying Pipecon
    On Wednesday 24 August, Ballarat Councillors awarded a $2 million contract to Pipecon Pty Ltd for a road reconstruction project. In March 2018 two local workers, Jack Brownlee and Charlie Howkins, were killed when a trench collapsed. They were working for Pipecon at the time. In November 2021, Pipecon was convicted and fined only $550,000 for failing to provide supervision to ensure a safe workplace. This is a company that has been found culpable in the deaths of 2 members of the Ballarat community and is under investigation in the death of a third man, Leigh Suckling, in 2020. Pipecon's actions and the slap on the wrist they received inspired Victoria to introduce Workplace Manslaughter laws. Although Pipecon can't be charged with the new offence retrospectively, they should still never be allowed to work in our community again. No level of government should be awarding contracts to companies that negligently cause the death of workers. Never. No exceptions.
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    Created by James Raynes
  • Stop the NSW Government fining striking workers
    The NSW Government is proposing fines of up to $110,000 for workers in their unions who strike - nurses, teachers, paramedics and many others will be silenced. But it can be stopped. The Government does not have a majority in Parliament and we must convince MPs to support worker's rights.
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    Created by Unions NSW
  • TransLink - Step Up!
    TRANSLINK - STEP UP for bus driver safety! Attacks on Queensland bus drivers are at an all time high, increasing year on year while TransLink, the public transit agency for the Queensland State Government, is denying its responsibility to provide safe workplaces for bus drivers. TransLink is the primary economic employer due to the power that they hold through the distribution of contracts for work. We are calling on TransLink to STEP UP! and take responsibility for the workplaces of the Queensland bus network. Drivers under the TransLink banner are calling for a number of key commitments from TransLink, who have the power to institute such protocols in order to ensure that the drivers who work tirelessly on our public transport network are kept safe while simply doing their jobs. We are calling on TransLink to immediately: 1. Acknowledge they are the economic employer, and as such are a PCBU (Person Conducting a Business or Undertaking) under the Work Health and Safety Act Queensland. 2. Set up a Workplace Health and Safety Committee, with a majority representation of elected Health and Safety Representatives from each region and/or contractor within the bus network. 3. Install secure cabins for bus drivers for their protection (including retrofitting existing buses). 4. Significantly increase the number of Network Officers patrolling buses in order to crack down on fare evasion and antisocial behaviour. 5. Address the inadequate toilet and lunch facilities for drivers across the network.
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    Created by TWU Queensland
  • Don't delay our conditions and pay
    Qantas workers just want to get on with negotiating our new Enterprise Bargaining Agreement. All we want are secure and reliable jobs with fair pay. First Qantas offshored customer service call centre jobs, then they sacked over 2,000 workers in the middle of a pandemic all while receiving $856 million in JobKeeper, and now they want to pull the rug out of under the workers who have kept Qantas going. True to form Qantas has thrown a curve ball to the workers who are negotiating their pay and conditions that should be done in good faith. Qantas are now trying to unilaterally exclude hundreds of workers from being able to bargain for their pay and conditions. That means many workers currently covered by the Qantas EBA would be pushed on to individual contracts and forced to negotiate our conditions individually. By taking the outrageous step to try to remove hundreds of workers from our enterprise bargaining agreement they are just delaying negotiations on the pay and conditions for all of us. This is a window into what they want to do next, make no mistake Qantas won't stop here.
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    Created by Australian Services Union Picture
  • Australia needs a pay rise
    Wages are falling behind, it is time for work laws to keep up. Wages have been frozen, or gone backwards, for over 10 years now. And with the cost of living getting higher and higher, millions of working people are not able to keep up. To fix the wages crisis, Australia needs updated work and bargaining laws.
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    Created by Australian Unions
  • Keep Blue Haven in the Community
    We, the undersigned request that Kiama Council cease all actions that could lead to the sale of Blue Haven residential care and all associated independent living units without first engaging in a process of community consultation and support the above mentioned intervention of State and Federal Government to ensure ongoing viability of the service.
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    Created by United Services Union - USU Picture
  • We Won’t Wait
    Family and domestic violence is a national crisis. We know the tragic numbers: on average a woman is killed each week by a partner, ex-partner or family member in Australia. Hundreds of thousands report facing violence at home – figures that have surged during the pandemic, as many women were trapped further into abusive relationships. The Federal Government must act to give every worker access to paid family and domestic violence leave.
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    Created by Australian Unions
  • Murdoch Staff are ready to bargain!
    Murdoch staff are ready to bargain! Sign this petition to tell the VC and management that we're ready and waiting. Despite knowing that staff are struggling financially and struggling with the constant pressures in the workplace, management are stalling and have decided to push the bargaining process into 2023. This means that staff may have no significant cost of living relief until the second half of 2023! To appease staff, VC Prof Andrew Deeks has offered a pay rise of 4% over the next year - great! But with WA's CPI at 7.4%, the real value of your wages, taking into account the 2% + 2% increases, will actually go backwards by 3.4%. This comes on top of a period where real wages have not only stagnated but have gone backwards for most workers. Pay increases are not the only urgent issue for members: workload, casualisation and permanency, work, health and safety and mental wellbeing, and meaningful consultation around changes in the workplace, are some of the other critically urgent issues that need to be addressed during the bargaining process. Only bargaining NOW can give staff the wages and conditions they deserve. It's time to take staff seriously. It's time to bargain!
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    Created by NTEU WA
  • Bega: Give dairy workers a fair deal!
    We are the striking workers of Bega Cheese in Bentley, WA. Stop ignoring us and give us a fair wage offer. You pushed us to raise production during COVID and we all sacrificed to keep up with demand, now we are being ignored. Bega workers and our families are struggling to survive while company profits grow.
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    Created by Bega Bentley Workers
  • Save Our Sick Leave! Protect Entitlements for Health Workers at Peel Health Campus
    We are experienced and dedicated Health Workers, who have supported the community during their most vulnerable times in their lives and have continued to do so throughout the COVID pandemic. We should be properly acknowledged for our hard work and, as many of us are long term health workers, we deserve to maintain our accrued personal leave particularly during an ongoing pandemic. As dedicated, experienced workers, having our personal leave balances reset is a source of significant concern. The State Government has done the right thing for workers at Peel Health Campus. My signature on this petition aims to encourage the WA Minister for Health, Amber Jade Sanderson and Industrial Relations Minister Bill Johnston to continue this by honouring all accrued personal leave for Health Workers at Peel Health Campus.
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    Created by Health Services Union WA Picture