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  • Keep Edinburgh Gardens For Everyone
    Next Tuesday, Yarra City Councillors will vote on a proposal to limit the ways the community can use Edinburgh Gardens. Edinburgh gardens is a vibrant, much-loved space for our community. Unfortunately, the owners of multi-million dollar homes on its border want to dictate how everyone uses this beloved public park and Yarra Council are siding with them.
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    Created by Harriet Leadbetter
  • Protect the Collingwood Community Garden!
    We need your support to protect the Collingwood Community Gardens! We reject the action taken by the Collingwood Children's Farm Committee to close the gardens indefinitely without consultation with the gardeners to whom the place means so much. As a collective of plotters at the gardens, we want to address the concerns raised in the OHS report by Productivity Matters – but we need the Farm Committee to engage with us and work together to make this happen. We want it to be a safe and sustainable place for us and for people who come to walk through our plots. We are asking the Committee of Management to: - reinstate access to our plots immediately - stop the planned redevelopment - come to the table and engage with us on what we need to do to make the garden safe We want to work with the Farm Committee both now and in the future – but we want to be involved in decision-making about the garden and our plots. We want to understand what we need to do in future to keep the garden safe, and we want to maintain and strengthen the community-centric and grassroots nature of the garden. We're calling for a Green Ban on any proposed development at the Collingwood Community Gardens.
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    Created by Giles Fielke Picture
  • Brisbane - Let's Go FOGO
    We the undersigned show our support for Brisbane City Council to introduce a Food Organics Garden Organics (FOGO) collection service just as more than 70 other Australian local Councils have done. FOGO is backyard composting on a citywide, industrial scale - turning kitchen food scraps and garden clippings into nutrient rich compost.
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    Created by Labor for Brisbane
  • Save Peppertree Place
    After hearing of that Uniting (Previously Kildonan and Uniting Care) intend to close Peppertree Place by September 2018. We call on Uniting to reverse this decision and work with work with the Save Peppertree Place group to find a new organisation to take over the lease and continue the work of Peppertree Place.
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    Created by Eleisha Mullane
  • NRMA: Don't Sink Wages to the Bottom of Sydney Harbour
    NRMA: its time to treat your workers with the respect and dignity they deserve. NRMA Sydney harbour workers want job security, to be paid fair industry rates, and worlds best practice safety standards. The union for Sydney Harbour workers – the Maritime Union of Australia – is ready to meet and develop a positive relationship that guarantees fairness for your workers. Will the NRMA come to the table?
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    Created by NRMA Sydney Harbour Workers
  • No Cuts! - Ditch the Unimelb EA Variation
    We are extremely concerned over the proposed variation to the Enterprise Bargaining Agreement that University Executives, Faculty Deans and Heads of Schools are asking staff to take. The variation asks staff to refuse a pay rise, and allow the University to offer staff smaller, targeted redundancy packages with less notice. However, the University has not articulated a financial situation that would justify these cuts. The 2019 Annual Financial Report shows over $4 billion in reserves, and over $800 million in cash reserves alone. I am urging you to vote no to the variations, and encourage your colleagues to do the same.
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    Created by UMSU Education Picture
  • Lactalis: End this unfair wage disparity
    We are women of the Jindi Cheese factory. We’re proud of the work we do, it’s essential to the success of our company. We have worked here collectively for over 18 years and in that time we’ve received less than $2 per hour pay rise. Our department has a majority female workforce. We earn just over $20 an hour. Yet 10 minutes down the road, the men at the Longwarry factory are earning $26 an hour. Nearby, in Rowville, they are earning $12 more an hour! These factories are all owned by the company who owns Jindi Cheese, Lactalis. Our work is just as demanding and fast paced as other factories but our pay doesn’t reflect that. It’s not fair and it’s not right. Frankly, it’s disgusting. But we are standing strong. All the women in our factory have been on strike all week and we aren’t giving up. We are sticking together as the United Workers Union. But the company won’t come to the table. They refuse to consider a fair and decent wage offer. So we need your help to send Lacatlis CEO, Emmanuel Besnier, a message. We want him to know that we want wage equality. We want to be brought up to the same level as the factories just around the corner. Just because we are women, doesn’t mean we deserve any less.
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    Created by Tammy, Maria and Sam, Jindi Cheese Workers Picture
  • Young people need real jobs, not rip-off gigs!
    We want the Federal Government to invest in strategies that promote long-term, secure, and fair jobs for young people.
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    Created by Amy - Young Workers Centre Picture
  • Establish a Dialysis Technicians Council Now
    Technicians need professional representation as well as a body to establish professional standards. This body would have the function of representing the sector at the government level, establishing education standards, and also accepting complaints from workers about working conditions. This professional body will elevate the profession and support the recruitment and retention of technicians into the sector. The council would also be responsible for: 1. Sector social dialogue and collective bargaining Workers need the right to establish rights at the sector level. It is in the best interest of the government, employers and workers to establish sector level standards, that include worker rights. 2. National recruitment strategy for dialysis technicians Recruitment was a challenge prior to the pandemic, and with the added pressure of the pandemic means that many workers have fallen ill or even left the industry completely. This has caused many workplaces to be understaffed, and put both workers and patients at great risk. Contracting out in the public system must be stopped, dialysis workers need full-time, stable jobs. As the need for dialysis increases, a national strategy needs to be established. 3. Wages and other working conditions at par with the technicians of public health Compared to other health professions, dialysis technicians are extremely underpaid and undervalued. Dialysis workers should be recognized as an important part of the health care system. This includes improvements to their wages, similar to other workers with similar hours of training and education. 4. Adequate insurance and social security for all technicians Many technicians reported a lack of access to sick leave, health insurance, and social security benefits. The pandemic has highlighted the need for paid sick leave and recovery for workers. This is not only for workers, but it also keeps workplace transmission levels lower and protects patients. 5. Stronger safety standards at workplaces Workers in all facilities, big and small, need democratic involvement in their health and safety committees. Dialysis workers have a vested interest in keep workplaces safe for them and for their patients.
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    Created by Mary Catharine
    The pandemic has hit all households one way or the other and all workers have suffered income loss ,loss of physical and mental health due to pandemic,lockdowns and consequent loack of business . COVID 19 patients need to be isolated fully for 14 days and some need a few more weeks to recover. It is unfair that the workers should suffer physical and mental stress alongwith financial distress due to loss of wages in COVID 19.Paid COVID leave will give part releif to the workers in these desparate times. We petition that all COVID 19 affected workers must be given paid leave during their COVID 19 illness.
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    Created by Anjali Bedekar
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