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To: Mark Lewis

Smart Badge Petition

Smart Badge Petition

We the below signed workers call on Primary Connect to change it’s Smart Badge policy so that we can comfortably support reliable contact tracing in the workplace while the covid-19 pandemic continues.

Why is this important?

We ask Primary Connect to commit to a memorandum of understanding with United Workers Union that includes:

- An appropriate storage facility will be located at the turnstiles of each DC so that we don’t have to take smart badges home with us.

- The smart badges will not be used to manage performance of team members.

- No disciplinary action will be taken against a worker for loss or damage of the device unless proven to be deliberate and malicious.

- A worker will not be charged the replacement cost of the smart badge under any circumstances.

- Primary Connect will not hold or store any data gathered from the devices after required contact tracing has occurred. Once contact tracing has occurred, the business will delete the data and inform the relevant team members in writing.

- Once a state or local area is no longer in a State of Emergency, Primary Connect will stop directing workers to wear the smart badges.

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