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To: Channel 7 News Director, Adelaide

Stop Channel 7 broadcasting Rail Emergency Calls

We express our concerns that Channel 7 News Adelaide believes is acceptable to air Train Drivers Radio Emergency Calls when there is an incident or accident on the Rail Network.
The Driver or any other Rail Worker who is involved in a traumatic event is in the course of their duties using the Radio to communicate critical safety information, while often under duress.
To use this for the purpose of reporting a News story is unnecessary, it can cause further harm to rail workers experiencing a traumatic event and could further cause harm to their mental health.
This extends to other rail employees who are alarmed, shocked, or disgusted by the behaviour of Channel 7.
Further to this the families of the injured or deceased person could be affected.
We strongly urge you to refrain from recording and using emergency radio calls in your reporting of Rail incidents.

Why is this important?

Rail Workers work in a safety critical environment and when tragic accidents occur it can affect their mental wellbeing, working life and family life.
By Channel 7 broadcasting emergency radio calls it can have further impact on Rail Workers who are already experiencing a traumatic event. As well as to the families of the person who has been injured or deceased.

Adelaide SA, Australia

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