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To: Telstra CEO Andy Penn

Stop offshoring Telstra jobs

Telstra has told over 400 customer service workers they are going to be sacked with many of their jobs going offshore.
CPSU is calling on Telstra to invest in Australian innovation, skills and jobs rather than cutting and offshoring more jobs.

Why is this important?

The hundreds of jobs Telstra is cutting and sending offshore belong to real people, like Chris who has two little kids and a partner working part time. They bought their first house last year. Chris and his workmates pride themselves on working hard for customers, delivering multi-billion dollar profits to Telstra.
CPSU members at Telstra predict that network outages will be more common because Telstra has cut highly skilled people, often with 20-30 years experience with the Telstra network.
Telstra's and Australia's future success lies in the company investing in Australian innovation, skills and jobs rather than making decisions based on short-term greed. Telstra is not only reducing its' own capacity but it removes thousands of job opportunities for future generations.



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