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To: Premier Dan Andrews

Stop police brutality of front-line climate defenders.

Please sign petition calling on Premier Dan Andrews to allow the Independent Broad-based Anti-corruption Commission to investigate the heavy handed tactics used by Victoria Police at the recent International Mining and Resources Conference.

My name’s Tim and I am a Wiradjuri man from Taree in NSW and have been on the front-line fighting the fossil fuel industry for many years.

Mining in this area has drastically dropped the water table, destroyed the bore water system and polluted the water and many of the companies responsible for this attended the recent International Mining and Resources Conference in Melbourne.

Why is this important?

I joined Blockade IMARC alongside mob from across the country to stand in solidarity with one another to resist the same mining companies we are fighting on our traditional lands.

The cops arrested and roughed me up behind the scenes:
“I was snatched by the police when I was standing well back and dragged inside and they purposely slammed my head against walls and doors out of the public view with body cameras turned off.”

In the aftermath, Dan Andrews has defended the actions of the police.

Many arrestees at Blockade IMARC are now faced with huge legal bills.

Please chip in to help a legal defence fund that has been setup to support over 80 arrestees like myself defend ourselves in court:

Reasons for signing

  • The police should be arresting the criminals causing climate change ,thieves and robbers,and arsonists - not the defenders of the community, ie the people at IMARC who in this flawed "democracy "are not being heard,and have no option but to demonstrate.The level of force ,the use of horses on pedestrians ,and batons on people who were retreating was completely uncalled for .


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