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To: Scott Morrison & the Federal Government

Stop Scott Morrison's Undemocratic Voting Laws

We stopped Scott Morrison's undemocratic voting laws.

UWU members are taking action to stop Scott Morrison’s undemocratic Voter ID laws. The laws if passed will discriminate against First Nations people.

These laws are unnecessary and discriminatory. First Nations people already face significant barriers to electoral participation, with an enrolment rate of just 69 percent in remote areas.

These laws will make the situation worse and will further disenfranchise First Nations voices.

We need to act now!

Why is this important?

The Australian Parliament will vote on these laws in the next two weeks. We need you to add your voice to hundreds of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and organisations who have called for the rejection of Scott Morrison’s undemocratic laws.

There are already enough barriers to casting a vote in an election, especially if you live in a remote community. This is not the answer.

Will you sign this petition to help us stop Scott Morrison’s undemocratic laws?



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