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To: Labour hire contractor AZIT

Stop stealing money from Working Holiday Makers!

Great news! The company have backed down and Eden and Ula have been paid the money they are owed!

This is a tremendous effort and demonstrates that when we work together to hold bad bosses to account, we win.

Pay Eden and Ula their $1600 and stop stealing money from working holiday makers!

Why is this important?

We are Eden and Ula. We came to Australia on Working Holiday Visas. We wanted to travel this beautiful country, have new experiences, make new friends and work along the way to help pay for our trip.

We loved Australia so much that we wanted to stay for a second year and saw a regional job going at a zucchini farm in Bowen, Queensland through a labour hire contractor called AZIT. We had to fill out many forms and there were lots of conditions for us to be employed as casual labourers. We also had to pay the contractor $800 each before we could start work.

The work never came. The contractor gave excuses about the weather. When we decided to look elsewhere for work, we asked for our money back. The contractor refused and told us we could take him to Fair Work.

Now, with the help of our union the NUW, we are campaigning to get our money back and put an end to dodgy labour hire contractors ripping off workers. AZIT exploited the fact that we didn't have a good understanding of workplace rights in Australia and now has stolen hundreds of dollars. How many others have they stolen money from?

We are taking a stand for all workers who are exploited in Australia. Workers should join the union and the campaign to stop the rip offs, wage theft and exploitation.



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