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To: Tasmanian Legislative Councillors

Stop the public housing transfer

On 17 March the Tasmanian Government passed a Bill allowing them to hand over the titles of 4000 public housing properties to non-government providers.
After just 5 years these properties can be sold to private investors who would not be required to provide housing to those in need.
The legislation was drafted with little or no community involvement and rushed through the Parliament without amendment. It represents a fundamental reform of public housing in Tasmania and deserves much greater scrutiny.
We call on Legislative Councillors to send the Bill to a committee to allow full and proper consultation with all interested parties.

Why is this important?

Handing over the titles to public housing properties to the non-government sector doesn't benefit public housing tenants or the community who has invested in public housing over decades. Such fundamental change should only proceed where clear benefits can be demonstrated and after a full community debate.
The CPSU represents workers at Housing Tasmania who strive everyday to find suitable accommodation for vulnerable and disadvantaged Tasmanians. We believe this is one of the most important responsibilities of a government.
The Hodgman government has been unable to explain why the titles to these properties need to be handed over in fact the responsible Minister previously acknowledged doing so could negatively impact tenants.
In the 1980s the UK government sold off much of its public housing and now is having to buy back property for public housing in a million dollar market. Tasmania should learn from this experience.




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