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To: Woolworths CEO Brad Banducci

Support Zerella workers

We won!

With workers sticking together and so much community support, workers at Zerella are now negotiating their very first union agreement!

Support Zerella worker's right to negotiate a fair workplace agreement! Stop Zerella management pulling workers into meetings. Stop the threats that workers will lose their job or lose thousands of dollars if they join the union or collectively bargain for a union workplace agreement. This is illegal and immoral.

Why is this important?

Workers at Zerella work hard in tough conditions to produce the 250 tons of carrots plus other vegetables that go straight to Woolworths every week.

Workers joined the union after finally getting rid of labour hire contractors that were paying them less than the minimum wage. Now Zerella workers want to negotiate a union workplace agreement, and have signed up to say so.

Workers are taking their legal right to join a union and collectively bargain for a workplace agreement. People around Australia, many who shop at Woolworths every week, will not stand for intimidation. People around Australia will stand for human rights and decent workplaces.

How it will be delivered

Workers will continue to demand that Woolworths intervene and stop the bad behaviour of their suppliers. Workers will deliver this petition to show the public support for Fair Food.




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