To: Minister of Health & Welfare Affairs, South Korea

Strong Public Health & Medical Service

Strong Public Health & Medical Service

The COVID 19 pandemic continues without break and nurses are to burn-out unless more workforces will be provided at the inspection center and our demands are:
* To establish Specialized Hospitals of Pandemic-Treatment
* To establish Public Medical University and provide public
medical doctors sufficiently
* to implement 4-day-work per week in the hospital and health
care sector.
* To pay for Life-Safety-Allowance of pandemic treatment
* To guarantee Sick Leave for COVID 19 vaccination day
* To guarantee union participation in the emergency task of
pandemic disease

Why is this important?

The COVID 19 pandemic is continuously evolving and threatening our daily lives and shrinking the economic activities. Many medical experts warn that the virus variation will be continued to reproduce new variants. Therefore the COVID 19 pandemic is not today's issue but a long-term issue that we all society and government must work together. Therefore the government must invest in training qualified medical professionals and hiring a sufficient number of medical professionals and nurses. In Korea, one nurse takes care of 12-20 patients. If we reduce the ratio to one nurse for 5 patients, much better services will be provided.
80% of COVID 19 pandemic patients treated at the public hospitals where medical doctors and nurses with heavy PPE clothes and gloves etc have been suffering long hours of work and high levels of stress without rest over the months. If these frontline people will be collapsed due to the lack of a workforce, the pandemic fiasco will be explosively increased to destroy society. There is no time to delay.

Seoul, South Korea

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