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To: The University of Melbourne

Student Safety over University Reputation


The University of Melbourne Needs to Take Action on Sexual Assault and Harassment.

CW: sexual assault and harassment

The University of Melbourne needs prioritise addressing sexual assault and harassment over itʻs reputation.

This year, we have read about a professor at the University whose abusive behaviour was known for a decade without being stopped, and a student whose behaviour went without consequence despite the testimony of multiple complainants. Most recently we have heard about the University of Melbourne failing to disclose to the University of Adelaide that Peter Rathjen, Vice-Chancellor of the University of Adelaide, had sexually harassed a student while employed by the University of Melbourne.

It is clear that the University of Melbourne needs to face up to rape culture at the university and begin to make institutional change. Despite this, the University Melbourne has failed to implement basic recommendations that would reduce sexual assault and harassment. They have failed to create a dedicated sexual assault and harassment policy, they have failed to improve their consent education at the University, and they have failed to offer justice to survivors.

Therefore, we as students, are calling on the University to do better and place itʻs student safety and wellbeing over its reputation.

Read our full statement here:

Why is this important?

We need to show that their action is not okay, that their continual prioritisation of reputation is not okay, sign our petition to show your support!

Support Resources:
Centre Against Sexual Assault House
Phone 24 Hour hotline: 03 9635 3610

1800 Respect:
Phone: 1800 737 732, Interpreter: 13 14 50

UMSU Sexual Harm and Response Coordinator; Dr. Patrick Tidmarsh: [email protected]

Unimelb Safer Communities:
Phone: 9035 8675

Additionally, UMSU has made up the following webpage which has some similar resources but is catered for students facing relationship violence during the lockdown:




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