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To: Professor Zlatko Skrbis, Vice-Chancellor and President Australian Catholic University

Support a new Agreement at ACU

Throughout the pandemic, ACU staff have made significant sacrifices to help ensure that students continue to receive a quality education. ACU staff successfully pivoted to online learning during lockdowns. ACU staff provided exemplary support to students and staff unable to access campus services. They have worked hours far in excess of requirements to keep the university running. And they have done so under an Agreement that fails to meet their ongoing needs. We seek a new agreement that delivers:
• An enforceable academic workload model that ensures that time allocations for duties reflect the actual time taken to perform those duties;
• Paid sick leave for casual staff;
• Pandemic leave for all staff;
• Gender affirmation leave for all staff;
• Improved conversion processes for fixed-term and casual staff;
• Improved consultation processes with limits on the number of restructures during the life of the Agreement;
• A pay offer that addresses the cost-of-living crisis

Why is this important?

The quality of the student experience, research outputs, community and industry engagement and campus life is shaped by the conditions under which ACU staff work. By failing to provide an Agreement to ACU staff with the conditions they need, the sustainability of the institution is undermined.

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