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To: Myer CEO Richard Umbers

Tell Myer: #ReinstateRaf!

Awesome news - I've been reinstated! I will be back at work at Myer on Monday!

I'm so happy. This was more than just about fighting to get my job back. I was fighting for everyone’s right to speak out when employers do the wrong thing, like putting us on dodgy ABNs and underpaying us.

I really hope cleaners and other people will now have the courage to stand up and speak out too.

I'm so grateful for the support I've received from people across Australia. Almost 4000 people signed my petition to Myer – and so many people tweeted and commented, saying #ReinstateRaf!

This is a victory for all of us!

This is the power we have when we stand together in a union and speak out. We can win fairness and good, secure jobs - and make our voices heard.

So, if you’re not a union member I really urge you to join now.

Thank you

Rafael Colobon
Myer cleaner
Proud United Voice member

Your cleaners work incredibly hard to keep your stores clean and hygienic. We are appalled to hear they have been systematically ripped off – and now, when Rafael Colobon spoke out, he was fired.

Australians expect much better from a retail icon like Myer. We’ve shown great loyalty – that’s why you have 67 stores and a turnover of $3 billion a year.

We call on you to insist that your cleaner Rafael Colobon is immediately reinstated.

We want you to work with United Voice to ensure that ALL cleaners at Myer have secure jobs with fair pay and their right to join their union and speak out is respected.

Why is this important?

My name is Rafael and until Friday I worked into the night cleaning Myer Melbourne. In just 3 months I was underpaid by at least $7000. I spoke out. And a few weeks later I was sacked.

When I started, a Myer subcontractor made me work on an ABN number on a flat rate of $20 an hour - that's below the award. We got no sick leave, no super, no weekend rates and we had no job security.

It was only when I spoke to my union, United Voice, that I realised I was being underpaid by almost $20 an hour on some days. In three months I missed out on $5000 in wages and $2000 in super. That’s a huge amount of money for me!

I asked if I could be employed directly and if I could be paid the Award. But they refused.

I rely on my job to pay my rent and my bills, and buy my food. I don’t know what I’ll do now. I have no income. I may need to return to Colombia without completing my studies.

I can’t believe I lost my job simply for asking to be paid the legal rate. What’s worse is the other cleaners who’ve been ripped off at Myer are now too scared to try and claim the back-pay they’re owed. I thought workers had rights in Australia.

Myer should know better. Just six months ago another Myer subcontractor was exposed for ripping off cleaners.

I want my job back. I want all Myer cleaners to have secure jobs with fair pay and for our right to be union members and speak out to be respected.

Can you tell Myer to respect its cleaners and make sure I get my job back?




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