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To: Andy Penn - CEO of Telstra

Telstra must Support Marriage Equality

Exciting news – Telstra has reversed its decision to stop supporting the marriage equality campaign.

This wouldn't have been possible without the pressure you helped put on to Telstra.

You can read CEO Andy Penn's full statement here:

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Community & Public Sector Union

Telstra’s decision to quietly pull public support for marriage equality after it was threatened with a boycott via the Catholic archdiocese of Sydney is disappointing and damaging.
This decision does not represent the views of Telstra workers who support and campaign for marriage equality.
The CPSU is calling on Andy Penn to find his courage and show he cares and publicly support Marriage Equality.

Why is this important?

Telstra claims that whilst it still supports marriage equality it will not 'publicly participate in the debate further.' However this comes at the request of groups actively opposed to Marriage Equality.
Telstra's decision to yield to the Catholic Church's demand shows a lack of respect and care for the well-being of LGBTI workers and customers who may feel ostracised by this decision.



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