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To: The City of Perth Commissioners

Thank you for Drag Queen Storytime

Thank you for Drag Queen Storytime

We wish to congratulate the City of Perth for its support of the LGBTIQA+ community during Pride Month and in particular for 'Drag Queen Storytime'. Children adore stories, dress-ups and fabulous performances - which this event provides in spades.

The City of Perth's future will be bright as long as it continues to embrace diversity, equality and acceptance.

Why is this important?

A certain conservative Senator decided recently to write to the City of Perth to ask them to cancel Drag Queen Storytime, describing it as "age-inappropriate, gender-based activism".

It's important that the City of Perth Commissioners understand that his views are those of a conservative minority not reflective of the people of Perth. The Senator wants to pander to his base by using a fun and harmless LGBTIQA+ event to drive division and bigotry in the community. We can't let him succeed in shutting it down.



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