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To: Ian Reynolds - Central Coast Council Administrator

Mr Reynolds - The Rubbish stops with you!

Since Thursday 2nd June, 68 waste workers employed by Remondis Australia have taken the tough decision to go on strike without pay as a last resort to maintain their job security.
Since this time Ian Reynolds the new Central Coast Council administrator has refused to intervene and take responsible steps to ensure these working conditions are excluded from the tender process.
Ian simply needs to take a look at other councils like Campbeltown City Council who have inserted clauses into their waste service tenders that protect local jobs, existing workers and their conditions.

Why is this important?

We the Central Coast Community Union Alliance, believe that workers should be treated with dignity and respect. These 68 workers who live locally, shop locally, send their kids to local schools and pay their council rates are simply wanting to protect their hard fought conditions, just like any other worker would do.
Local waste operator Ian Hankinson who is leading the strike needs your support to convince the council administrator to take a leadership role and stand up for these workers that keep our streets clean and our community safe.
Let's come together and stand with Ian and his 67 work mates and send a message that our community will defend our own and stop a race to the bottom.




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