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To: TransLink

TransLink - Step Up!

TRANSLINK - STEP UP for bus driver safety!

Attacks on Queensland bus drivers are at an all time high, increasing year on year while TransLink, the public transit agency for the Queensland State Government, is denying its responsibility to provide safe workplaces for bus drivers. TransLink is the primary economic employer due to the power that they hold through the distribution of contracts for work.

We are calling on TransLink to STEP UP! and take responsibility for the workplaces of the Queensland bus network.

Drivers under the TransLink banner are calling for a number of key commitments from TransLink, who have the power to institute such protocols in order to ensure that the drivers who work tirelessly on our public transport network are kept safe while simply doing their jobs.

We are calling on TransLink to immediately:

1. Acknowledge they are the economic employer, and as such are a PCBU (Person Conducting a Business or Undertaking) under the Work Health and Safety Act Queensland.

2. Set up a Workplace Health and Safety Committee, with a majority representation of elected Health and Safety Representatives from each region and/or contractor within the bus network.

3. Install secure cabins for bus drivers for their protection (including retrofitting existing buses).

4. Significantly increase the number of Network Officers patrolling buses in order to crack down on fare evasion and antisocial behaviour.

5. Address the inadequate toilet and lunch facilities for drivers across the network.

Why is this important?

Public transport is the lifeblood of a modern city, delivering workers, students, tourists and those unable to drive cars to where they need to be. Bus drivers provide an essential service and deserve to be safe while performing their job.

Queensland, Australia

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