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To: The University of Melbourne

Full divestment from fossil fuel and weapons manufacturing companies!

The University of Melbourne claims to be taking steps towards becoming a world leader in sustainability but how can they accomplish that when they still invest in fossil fuel and weapons manufacturing companies? We want our University to stop being involved with these industries that are exploitative and environmentally destructive.

Sign this petition to show your support for full divestment and putting a stop to inviting these climate criminals onto our campus for career expos, internships, and research facilities.

Why is this important?

It's important we show the University that we don't want them supporting these destructive industries. They don't care about our futures and are actively responsible for endangering them. The University of Melbourne can't be sustainable when it continues to fund the destruction of our planet.

Full divestment would send a powerful message to these companies that they are no longer welcome on our campuses and that it's time to start investing in a sustainable future.



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