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To: Prime Minister and Parliament

US marines out of Darwin!

US marines out of Darwin!

We ask the Australian Parliament to terminate the ‘Force Posture Agreement’, between the Australian and USA governments, under which US marines are stationed in Darwin.

Why is this important?

The presence of US marines in Darwin, under control from Washington:-
Makes us a target;
Makes us less safe;
Makes us enemies (when we need have none - e.g. China);
Means we are being exploited by the USA, for its military ambitions, and
Jeopardises Australia’s national sovereignty.


Reasons for signing

  • I'm a teacher - of History, of Literature - of Languages (EAL/French/German/Japanese) - not so that my students are sent off to fight in wars of no possible significance to this country - though almost always for a bellicose US strategic gain/resources objective. I believe it is beyond time that we remove political jumpiness and - let's face it -this is the 21st century. It is time to talk through disputes! Or to have a Council of 200 elders to make those national protection/defence decisions.
  • We don't need to be pulled into war and warlike maneuvers by the USA. We want peace


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