To: Sky News Australia

Warning labels for Sky News

Sky "News" Australia is not news. It is a platform for misinformation, conspiracy and hateful opinions, and it is a cancer on our democracy.

If you buy a packet of cigarettes, it features a warning label about the risk of smoking. If you are handling abrasive chemicals, there are warning labels on the container. If you are watching Sky News, you should be warned that a foreign billionaire is corroding your brain with bullshit.

Why is this important?

Research into Sky Australia consistently shows that it's a global player in misinformation including conspiracy theories about covid, anti-transgender fearmongering, and climate denial.

Murdoch-owned Sky exists to undermine trust in public institutions and spread American-style conspiracies and ideologies in Australia. Sky's disregard for basic journalistic standards make it a toxic hazard, and its content should be labelled as such.