To: Worksafe Qld

Worksafe Qld investigate Scott Morrison!

Worksafe Qld needs to investigate Scott Morrison's workplace stunts!

Scott Morrison's staffers allegedly directed the workplace to conceal a health and safety sign. The sign encourages workers to report incidents to keep each other safe.

Scott Morrison is a health and safety risk for workers in the best of times. Scott Morrison is a safety risk. We need Worksafe to investigate some controls to stop him from hurting workers.

From his workplace laws to that blowtorch moment. Scott Morrison is dangerous to Australian workplaces and working people.

Scott Morrison has a record of not fessing up, and his company being a danger to working people. Investigate him now!

Why is this important?

Scott Morrison is a safety risk. The best way to deal with safety risks is to eliminate them. If we cannot get rid of him this election - we need to investigate how to control his danger to workers. Particularly when he has a go at hair washing, blowtorches or hiding signs at press conferences.


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