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To: Federal Government

2 years of free public preschool for every child in Australia

We call on the Federal Government to prioritise high-quality and universal access to early childhood education and care by taking the following steps:

• Develop a nationally consistent approach guaranteeing two years of free public preschool for every child in Australia.

• Prioritise public provision of preschool education, including the co-location of early childhood and preschool services on public school sites, particularly in areas identified as ‘childcare deserts’.

• Invest in infrastructure to ensure high-quality teaching and learning spaces and access for all.

• Implement a strong and effective national workforce strategy for the sector.

• In partnership with the states and territories, provide full funding for dedicated public preschool, which is accessible to all children in Australia.

Why is this important?

Australia is at an important juncture. It is long past time for the Federal Government and state/territory governments to work together to invest in and reform the early childhood education and care system, so that every child has a guarantee to the best start in life.

When children attend preschool they can expect greater academic success, have better career prospects, better health outcomes and stronger family and personal relationships.

Right now, access to two years of preschool is dependent on where you live. Because some states/territories are rolling this out, while others are not.

Australia needs a national plan, so that all children around the country can access two years of high-quality public preschool, no matter where they live.

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