• Offer Financial Assistance to International Students
    Aside from the massive economic contribution they make to Australia, International Students are part of the fabric of the Australian community. They are students, neighbours, friends and colleagues. Many face the additional barrier of being new to Australia and not being familiar with its language or institutions. It is beyond heartless that government assistance has not already been extended to these people who work hard and contribute so much to this country. It is unacceptable that they are being abandoned in this way. Something must be done. Not in a week or a month, but now.
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    Created by Orlando Forbes
  • 6 Ways FUSA is Calling on Flinders University to Provide Greater Support and Clarity for Students
    This is why student unionism is so so important. FUSA Student President Josh has been one of the few lucky student representatives across the country to get a seat at the table during my University's planning and response discussions for Covid-19. We've had some wins but unfortunately my University just isn't doing enough to support students during these unprecedented times. Students right across the country are losing their jobs, being evicted from their homes, or rely on family support that is no longer available. We need to do more, and we can
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  • COVID-19: Time and Trust - Remote Learning Now!
    Our union’s primary concern is that schools cannot currently meet either their legislative Work, Health and Safety (WHS) obligations or their duty of care to both their employees and students while the school term continues.
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  • COVID-19 - Call time on Term 1
    Our union’s primary concern is that schools cannot currently meet either their legislative Work, Health and Safety (WHS) obligations or their duty of care to both their employees and students while the school term continues.
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  • Refund student fees due to COVID-19 impact
    Online and remote teaching is not equivalent to the service obtained from in-person classes. Students should not have to pay thousands of dollars in already-exorbitant fees for an educational service which is fundamentally different. International students, and students moving from interstate, did not pay large sums of money for learning to be delivered remotely. In the midst of a global health crisis, universities must use their vast sums of money to support all students – fee refunds now!
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  • COVID-19: Students Demand Government Response
    The COVID-19 crisis has highlighted the social inequality many young people have experienced for too long. While the world tries to manage an unfolding pandemic, this crisis has led to insecurity in housing, income, and study without action from our government. This crisis will affect all aspects of the lives of students and young people. Casual workers, most of whom are students, have no guarantee that they will get paid if their workplace is to shut down or they must self-isolate. Working people need to know they don’t have to make the decision between going to work sick, or self-isolating and not being able to pay their bills. At Universities, our campuses are closing and moving online, while ongoing fears about fees and future of study, especially for international students, remain unaddressed. So many questions remain unanswered, but what we know is that if this continues, bills will stack up, evictions will occur, and income support payments will be lost. In its silence, our government is finalising a generation of inequality for today’s young people. As they move towards announcing their second stimulus package, young workers and students are begging for support. The Morrison government is yet to respond to our concerns. Instead, focusing on lining the pockets of business and giving out one off welfare payments that will fail to bring students out of poverty. Students and young people cannot continue to be left behind. This statement is endorsed by dozens of student representatives from around the country, representing hundreds of thousands of students whose livelihoods and futures are under threat. We are demanding action. The government must finally take leadership during this crisis and support the Australians who have been forgotten. Workers, students, and young people need action to protect their income, housing, and study. To fail at this now will hurt this nation for years to come.
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    Created by Molly Willmott NUS President
  • Pay Early Educators and Keep Centres Viable!
    Our sector is at crisis point. Despite the global pandemic we are facing, we risk our health every day to go to work. We are essential workers. Without us businesses will close, families will lose their incomes, and vulnerable children will lose their support. You can help protect us now. Provide us with the hand-held temperature scanners that are being used in Singapore to check children’s temperature before they enter the centre. YOU MUST: Announce a comprehensive plan to ensure early childhood educators will continue to be paid throughout the pandemic. Provide us with temperature scanners. Announce funding to keep centres viable and allow them to provide additional leave to their workforce. We are doing our bit. It is time for you to do your bit. We can look after the economy and community, but only if you look after us. Tamika Hicks Early Educator
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  • Monash University: Support Your Students!
    Monash University has not adequately supported students through the Covid-19 crisis. Communication of course changes come late if at all, learning formats are changed suddenly with little preparation, and overwhelmingly, there is a sense among students that the University is not prioritising them. We deserve better. Mismanagement at this time has, and will continue to have, disastrous consequences for students at all stages of their courses.
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    Created by Grace Britton
  • Coronavirus: Sick & Closure Pay for Casual Teachers & ES Staff
    If Casual Relief Teachers or Casual Education Support staff are sick or required to self-isolate they will not get sick pay. This puts real pressure on our colleagues to come to work sick. If schools are required to close they will not be paid. Public health is not an individual responsibility, it is a social responsibility.
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  • Coronavirus: Don’t make uni staff pay!
    No university worker should be forced to choose between quarantine and feeding their family. The Coronavirus Covid-19 crisis is engulfing Australia - and our universities are in the eye of the storm. Right now, job security is health security and we need university Vice-Chancellors to do the right thing by staff, students and the public. That means securing our rights at work so we can protect our health at home. No-one can predict how long this crisis will continue - perhaps weeks or months. That's why we need to lock in firm commitments from university employers now to keep things fair, and keep us safe.
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    Created by Steve Adams and Amy Thomas, NTEU members
  • UQ: Take action on Covid-19, close the campus
    As of March 15, the University of Queensland has had 4 confirmed cases of COVID-19 among students. This is on the same day that 15 more cases were announced across Queensland. Although classes have been suspended for a one week period, operations are continuing on the campus. Keeping UQ open, and bringing together the largest single workplace in Queensland with the thousands of students that attend the campus, is socially reckless. The UQ administration is endangering the health and wellbeing not just of students and staff at UQ, but of community members in Brisbane more broadly. Internationally, the evidence thus far with COVID-19 has been that early intervention, including implementing social distancing, is vital to slowing the spread of the virus. The sooner UQ closes the campus, the less people will potentially come into contact with COVID-19. We demand that UQ’s St Lucia campus is closed, and we demand that the closure is implemented in a way that protects the financial stability of students and staff. All employees at UQ’s St Lucia campus should be guaranteed wages for the duration that the campus is closed. This includes full-time, part-time and casual members of: the academic staff, the cleaning staff, the hospitality staff (including those employed in outlets run by the UQU and other independent vendors), and staff from any other sectors of the university. Workers must not be penalised for a health crisis. We demand that UQ should further extend the census date for students to withdraw from their courses without academic or financial penalty. Not all coursework is possible to complete online, and the disruption may impede students’ ability to participate. We demand that comprehensive extension allowances must be made for any research students (MPhil and PhD) whose candidature and associated scholarships (tuition-fee offset and living allowance) may be impacted by campus closure. We demand that UQ put the health and safety of their students and staff before their profits.
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  • Clean Schools: Keep your kids safe
    School cleaners don’t have enough time to do their job because of cuts to cleaning hours by the NSW Government. Cleaners want to ensure your kids are safe but simply don’t have enough time to do the job they want to do.
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