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To: Ita Buttrose

ABC - Bring back feminist Q&A episode

Q&A is one of the only television programs that discusses and explains the issues of the day. Seeing a diverse group of experts addressing the immediate need for action on gendered violence and its intersection with race was important and validating. The panel's palpable anger was justified.

This episode should not have been removed from iview and must be brought back immediately.

Why is this important?

One women is killed in Australia per week. This is worse for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women. How can we even begin to get this number under control if we can't talk about the root issues?

We needs shows like Q&A as a forum for experts to discuss the need for action, and the best solutions.

Removing the episode shows a capitulation to men's rights activists and white nationalists who don't want women, non-binary people and people of colour to be safe or have any rights in Australia.

The ABC must bring back this important episode of Q&A!

Reasons for signing

  • This episode raised and discussed a lot of important issues that do not normally get raised. The episode conveys the frustration of oppressed groups that have been ignored for far too long and subjected to violence, abuse and death. It was an intelligent discussion which raised a LAST RESORT retaliation to oppressors who withhold people’s rights. People who complained about this show clearly didn’t get the point, or maybe, they’re a part of a system of oppression and don’t like to hear that.
  • Because one single rhetorical and out of context comment is not reason enough to remove a whole episode on these important issues, and suspiciously has never been enough before. This is exactly why feminism is still needed.
  • Any bloke who can't handle a woman speaking her piece on an issue as important to all women AND men as this is a fuckin' wimp. Sit down, shut up and listen to Mummy!


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