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For-profit aged care providers are putting profits before their responsibility to care

Bupa, Opal, Regis, Estia, Japara and Allity - the six largest for-profit companies in Australia - were given over $2.17 billion in government subsidies and reported profits of $210 million (2016-2018).

Yet these top six for-profit operators intentionally use tax loopholes and cleverly disguised corporate structures to pay either no tax or pay very little tax.

On average, older people in Australia, our mums and dads, spend three years in permanent residential care. Right now that means three years without enough staff to feed, wash, toilet, change or give them medication - whilst For-Profit shareholders and owners reap the benefits of the taxes we pay that should be looking after them.

The report, Tax Avoidance by For-Profit Aged Care Companies: Profit Shifting on Public Funds, was prepared by the Tax Justice Network, on behalf of the ANMF. View the report at:

The chronic staffing crisis in Australia’s aged care system has led to dangerous workloads for nurses and carers resulting, too often, in missed care for vulnerable nursing home residents, yet the big for-profit providers clearly have the financial capacity to improve staffing to ensure safer and more effective care.

Sign our petition calling on all political parties to:

• make for-profit aged care operators accountable for how they spend billions of dollars of taxpayer money, and

• ensure that billions of dollars in taxpayer funding to for-profit aged care providers must be invested in caring for our elderly rather than earning profits for shareholders.

Why is this important?

Aged care residents receive one and a half hours less care than they should, every day. Yet there are no rules to ensure the $2.17 Billion in government subsidies given to for-profit aged care companies is spent directly on their care. Proof of government funding being directly spent on care for residents needs to be mandated as a pre-requisite to receiving a taxpayer funding.

It’s time to make aged care operators accountable for how they spend billions of dollars of taxpayer money.



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