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To: Australian National University

ANU: Introduce Bring Your Own Device Exams by 2025!

The Australian National University must implement Bring Your Own Device Exams for all relevant exams by semester 1 final exams in 2025. To achieve this, the ANU must fast track its implementation process. This includes selecting a provider of a lockdown browser, and making spaces ready for BYOD exams. 

Why is this important?

The return to in person exams after years of remote learning has exacerbated stress for students across campus. Handwritten in person exams are an outdated concept, and are no longer relevant to the workplace. Despite constant and long term demand for ‘bring your own device’ (BYOD) exams, where students bring their own laptops to their exams, ANU has projected that BYOD exams will only be implemented in 2026, due to feasibility concerns. This is not good enough. We are pushing for the university to adopt bring your own device exams by Semester 1 2025. Transitioning to BYOD exams will positively affect students across all colleges. Students can focus on building technical skills rather than training for handwritten exams. 

As one of Australia's top universities, ANU's exam delivery must be innovative and forward-looking. Our top 8 competitors, such as Melbourne University, have already switched to using BYOD exams successfully, using the platform Cadmus. It is time for the ANU to catch up. Do we want UC to retain its position as Canberra's top university for full-time employment AGAIN?

How it will be delivered

We will work with the University to push for swifter implementation. This includes choosing a provider for a lockdown browser, and making spaces ready for BYOD exams.

We are also pushing for equitable implementation. Measures should be taken to ensure the program is accessible to all, including programs to assist students to obtain adequate laptops.

Canberra ACT 2601, Australia

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