To: MSF Sugar

Apprentices Are Sugar's Future

The Sugar Industry is the cornerstone of so many regional communities in Queensland.

The longevity of the industry is built on the back of skilled workers who have maintained these mills for decades.

You can’t have a Sugar Industry without training the next generation.
But this is exactly what MSF Sugar are doing – they are not training any apprentices in 2021.

Not only does this break a long tradition of supporting the next generations of skilled tradespeople, but it leaves the future of the industry at risk.

Our jobs, our families and our communities rely on strong future for sugar in Queensland.

Join us and send a message to MSF Sugar: apprentices are sugar’s future – it’s time to train them!

Why is this important?

The AMWU is the Union for Sugar Industry maintenance workers. The Sugar Industry has a proud history in Regional Queensland, supporting jobs, families and communities.

We will always fight to protect the longevity of the industry – which means training the next generation of tradespeople.

MSF has a responsibility to workers, communities and the industry to act.