• ¡Estudiantes internacionales estafados por Novus Services Group!
    Vinimos a Australia para tratar de construir mejores vidas para nuestras familias. El dinero que Nick nos debe se habría destinado a la educación del hijo de Daniel. Daniel pasó dos años lejos de la familia para ganar dinero y aprender habilidades para darle a su hijo una mejor oportunidad de tener una buena vida. Ahora esos sueños están destrozados. Nick Krest y Novus Services Group deben rendir cuentas. No se puede permitir que Novus siga usando el robo de salarios como modelo de negocio.
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    Created by Daniel and Tatiana
  • International students ripped off by Novus Services Group!
    We came to Australia to try to build better lives for our families back home. The money Nick owes us would have gone to Daniel’s son’s education. Daniel spent two years away from family to earn money and learn skills to give his son a better chance at having a good life. Now those dreams are shattered. Nick Krest and Novus Services Group must be held to account. Novus cannot be allowed to continue to use wage theft as a business model.
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    Created by Daniel and Tatiana
  • Give UTAS Cleaners their Chrissie back!
    Workers' livelihoods shouldn't be on the chopping block when there's a change in contract. Yet the University of Tasmania (UTAS) has done exactly that, just to save a few bucks.  In April UTAS awarded its cleaning contract to GJK Facility Services.   Under the new contract, cleaners were forced onto probation, despite many of them having worked there for years. Now GJK is forcing UTAS cleaners to take all of their paid annual leave over Christmas, and then an additional fortnight of unpaid leave.  Earning around $24,000 part-time, two weeks without pay is a lot for UTAS cleaners.  This is hardly building a "fairer, more prosperous, inclusive state that's expanding opportunities for everyone", which was one of the reasons Vice-Chancellor, Professor Rufus Black, said he wanted to focus on.   Tell VC Rufus Black to stop GJK from forcing UTAS Cleaners to take leave.
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  • Keep hospital car parking affordable!
    This is an unacceptable financial burden to impose on hospital workers – many of whom are already low paid and in insecure work. Hospital workers are part of a 24-hour, seven-day workforce that cannot rely on public transport.  A cleaner who works 25 hours per week in a major metropolitan hospital currently pays $561.34 per year in parking. Now they will be expected to pay an additional $725 per year whilst only taking home $663.25 per week in wages. These costs are untenable for the workers providing essential services in our hospitals. The general public can also expect to pay 20% more to attend a metropolitan hospital. Visiting a loved one in hospital is stressful enough, without needlessly adding financial barriers. Those that need to attend hospital regularly for treatment will also now have to bear increased costs when they are trying to recover.   Charging hospital workers, the sick or injured and their families to attend a hospital in the name of Government revenue-raising is a disgrace.
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  • Stand with Tess
    The proposed redundancy of Tess comes at a time when she is more needed than ever. Recent changes, budget cuts and instability at Nura Gili Centre at the Kensington campus as well as the shockingly low employment of Indigenous (and, further CALD) staff at UNSW marks this as a part of a larger, ongoing issue at an institutional level that needs to be remedied rather than exacerbated. Diverse staff are crucial to not only the education of students but further, to their well-being. Tess remains one of the few staff members that Indigenous, CALD and other marginalised students feel they can turn to and rely on. As well as her role as a mentor, Tess is also professionally and pedagogically a boon to the institution. Her course Aboriginal Art Now has influenced countless students and has led many to pursue further and higher research - academically, curatorially and artistically - in a more considered and critically rigorous way. In addition, Aboriginal Art Now remains one of the few Indigenous art courses available at UNSW Art & Design. She has also been instrumentally involved in a vast number of exhibitions in the Indigenous arts community in the last 30 years. The volumes of academic, artistic and curatorial output of Tess evidences her prolific reach and influence in the arts sector. As Associate Professor David Garneau suggested, her contribution to the arts sector deserves an honorary doctorate. Her removal would constitute a massive loss to the UNSW community, and the wider ripple on effects of this would be unimaginable.
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  • Save our Space - Save the UOW Library Art Exhibition Space from demolition
    Please read and add your name to the petition to UOW Vice-Chancellor, Prof Paul Wellings. The UOW Library Exhibition Space, next to the Panizzi Cafe on Wollongong Campus, is slated for demolition in December 2019. Affected Library staff have not been properly consulted, jobs may be lost and this highly valuable and rare exhibition space could be lost to Wollongong and our University for ever. We need our VC to intervene and Save Our Space.
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  • Support Striking Fenner Dunlop Workers!
    50 Fenner Dunlop workers have been on strike for seven days. Workers are fighting for a base wage that is a LIVING wage, so they don’t have to rely on sporadic overtime to survive. Their employer expects them to give up roster flexibility and other hard fought for conditions, just to get a decent pay rise. No one should have to work 60 hours a week just to make a living wage.
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    Created by National Union of Workers
  • Keep the 35 hour working week for Local Government employees
    Not only do they want to increase employees hours by three hours per week, but they also do not want to pay for the extra three hours of work. It is important that all indoor Local Government employees are aware of this proposed change and sign this petition.
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  • Stop the Attacks on Brisbane City Bus Drivers
    At least once a week a bus driver in Brisbane is assaulted by a member of the public. With injuries ranging from mental health trauma to broken bones that require hospitalisation, bus drivers are being left with lasting injuries for simply doing their job. RTBU members and concerned community members believe this is an unacceptable situation which doesn't just harm bus drivers but also places the travelling public at massive risk. The Lord Mayor and his council have been hiding from this issue and engaging in disgraceful victim-blaming. Enough is enough, it's time now that bus drivers and the community stand up for our right to safe public transport in our city. We can no longer stand by while the Lord Mayor and his council allow these assaults to continue. We won't stand for this any longer, will you?
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  • #SoLowTolarno: Obey the Court, Pay Your Workers Now!
    Tolarno Eating House has stolen tens of thousands in wages and other entitlements from Hospo Voice members. They need to pay up now. Tolarno has tried to wear these workers down, making them wait months and months, ignoring court orders. But these workers’ determination to win justice has only grown stronger, and they have the full support of Hospo Voice members and supporters everywhere. We will stand with them to ensure they are repaid every single cent. Bosses that defy court orders to repay stolen wages deserve to be behind bars.
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    Created by Parmal Singh Thakur, Hospo Voice member
  • Metro workers deserve a fair deal
    We are Metro rail workers who work long tireless hours every week to get commuters like you from A to B safely. We care about commuters and we also think Metro should do better. We are fighting for a safe, reliable and sustainable transport system for the future. Right now, Metro trains – the multinational company that runs our network – is trying to force us to accept unfair conditions that will weaken what should be sustainable train services and put at risk network safety and jobs for the future. Every day, thousands of Victorians rely on our train services to get to where you need to go – and then home safe to our families and communities. Victorians rely on the people who drive our trains, the station staff who keep you informed, and even the train signallers who keep our network running smoothly. We’re the people who keep Metro trains running, and we deserve a fair deal.
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  • VITS Pay Up
    Translators and Interpreters Australia won funding for higher rates on Vic government interpreting jobs in July last year. VITS is the Victorian government owned interpreting agency, but they refuse to pay the higher rates on all Vic government funded work. They have paid back the wages they stole from individuals on a handful of occasions and then went back to underpaying them! Without interpreters our diverse community wouldn’t be able to access services like health, education and courts. They deserve better than dodgy treatment from VITS Language Loop.
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