• 6 Ways FUSA is Calling on Flinders University to Provide Greater Support and Clarity for Students
    This is why student unionism is so so important. FUSA Student President Josh has been one of the few lucky student representatives across the country to get a seat at the table during my University's planning and response discussions for Covid-19. We've had some wins but unfortunately my University just isn't doing enough to support students during these unprecedented times. Students right across the country are losing their jobs, being evicted from their homes, or rely on family support that is no longer available. We need to do more, and we can
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  • #RaiseTheDSP NOW – equality for disabled people and carers
    The government cannot be allowed to ignore disabled people in the midst of a global pandemic. When the stimulus announcement was made we were shocked to learn we had been excluded. It exposes that the government just doesn’t get it – what it means for people who are disabled, and why the DSP is different to other payments. It costs more to be disabled. We are workers too, and disabled people and carers are losing income as a result of this crisis. Many disabled people are more vulnerable to COVID19 than other Australians. We face higher costs for specialised supports, healthcare, medication, housing and transport. There are many essential costs that the NDIS does not cover and during the pandemic people’s costs are only going up. The cost of support workers and other specialised services is increasing, some by as much as 10 per cent. NDIS invoice processing times are blowing out. This decision to exclude disabled people and carers exposes the government’s failure to understand our lives and needs. We must not let the government divide us into ‘deserving’ and ‘undeserving’ groups. We must demand that our leaders immediately include the most vulnerable people in our community in the $550 per fortnight coronavirus supplement. We must stand together in the fight for disabled people and carers to be treated equally.
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  • The Aged Care Retention Payment must be extended to ALL aged care workers!
    The HSU is a specialist union that covers members working in public hospitals, ambulance, aged care, allied health, private hospitals, imaging, pathology and disability care. The HSU represents approximately 11,000 aged care workers in NSW/ACT/QLD alone and 25,000 aged care workers nationally. For years we've been advocating for aged care workers to be recognised as the skilled professionals that they are and this payment goes some of the way in doing that. But it's not enough. We won't leave any worker behind. All aged care workers in residential aged care facilities are on the frontline- be it the administration staff who are now testing visitors as they enter facilities, or cleaners who are working around the clock to keep residents safe. The HSU has written to the Minister to demand that this payment is extended to all aged care workers - but we need your help!
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  • COVID-19: Time and Trust - Remote Learning Now!
    Our union’s primary concern is that schools cannot currently meet either their legislative Work, Health and Safety (WHS) obligations or their duty of care to both their employees and students while the school term continues.
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  • Secure local government jobs NOW
    COVID-19 is a public health crisis and local government councils have moved quickly to ensure safety and best health and social distancing practices they can on the information available. They are positioning to support the community during and after these difficult times, and in the event of a shut-down of non-essential services. Yesterday in the Parliament in response to Labor Opposition Leader Rebecca White’s calls, the Premier guaranteed that every State Government worker – including people in permanent, part time, casual and fixed-term contract positions – will keep their jobs and have their wages, conditions and average weekly earnings maintained into the future. We need these commitments for local government and we need them now. Extending these commitments to local government will ensure it will be there now and into the future to support the community, during this global pandemic with critical emergency response and essential services and to ensure there is a workforce maintained ready to respond with local government services when we start to recover. Who will provide relief to ratepayers? Where will our rubbish go? Who will sanitise the streets? We call on the State Government to underwrite the necessary support by guaranteeing their commitments extend to all local government workers, permanent, part time, casual and fixed-term contract positions. And we ask that they scream to their Federal Liberal party counterparts for wage subsidies for all workers, like we have seen across the globe. Wage subsidies are paid directly to employers on the strict proviso they keep people employed even if they are isolated at home during an essential shut-down. While you are here, you can also sign the petition calling on the Australian Government to provide wage subsidies. https://www.megaphone.org.au/petitions/coronavirus-wage-subsidies-now? Workers desperately need these commitments, and we need them now.
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  • Socially Reprehensible Conduct - support workers to stay safe.
    The Social Research Centre, a call centre located within inner city Melbourne, has been woefully unprepared for the recent unfolding CO-VID 19 crisis. The company, known for working on large scale government projects, has only in the past week implemented any social distancing and proper hygiene policy within the call centre, prior to this they failed to even provide alcohol-based sanitising wipes for equipment. The 200+ casual workforce has been given no clarity on what will happen with their jobs. The company has rejected calls to provide paid leave and allow employees to self isolate. Instead it gives vague promises that employees will be able to work from home without having any system in place to implement this. There is a social responsibility for all businesses and individuals to help ‘flatten the curve’ of COVID-19, to ensure hospitals are able to cope with the demand for treatment. Flattening the curve requires the implementation of social distancing measures which cannot be adhered to within the close proximity working environment of the call centre, especially considering the virus can live on plastic surfaces (like booths, headsets and computers) for up to 72 hours. Call centres are a known incubator of the virus, and workers are at particularly high risk not just of contracting COVID-19, but also transmitting it to a large number of people. The Social Research Centre clearly understands the importance of social distancing to protect employees and the wider community. This is evident in the fact that the staff at the Social Research Centre's office on Williams St are all working from home. We are asking this regard for workplace safety extends to the casual workers in the call centre. The company's response to the demand of paid leave, supported by the overwhelming majority of your workforce, has been unsatisfactory, with no attempt made to negotiate or evidence shown to back claims of insufficient funds. Centrelink is insufficient for many of your employees, such as those who are not Australian nationals, under 22, or new applicants who will likely be waiting more than two weeks to receive their first payment. Sign now to demand the Social Research Centre closes the unsafe call centre office and supports workers with special paid leave.
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  • COVID19: Paid special leave for all nurses, midwives and personal care workers
    We need to ensure that all nurses, midwives and personal care workers have access to appropriate leave during the current pandemic. This enables them avoid being financially disadvantaged when taking the necessary precautions in order to care for the community and keep us safe. Sign this petition to show your support to providing access to 15 days paid special leave for all nurses, midwives and personal care workers affected by Coronavirus (COVID-19).
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  • COVID-19 - Call time on Term 1
    Our union’s primary concern is that schools cannot currently meet either their legislative Work, Health and Safety (WHS) obligations or their duty of care to both their employees and students while the school term continues.
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  • Coronavirus - A guaranteed wage subsidy to save jobs now!
    Working Australians have been dealt a body blow by the impact of the coronavirus. Millions of workers are facing the very real prospect of losing their job and they need the government to act. Sign our petition and tell the Morrison government it must provide a guaranteed wage subsidy to all working people immediately to save jobs. Other countries' governments have already done this. The UK government is guaranteeing 80% of people's wages. It’s time Scott Morrison gave Australian workers the same assurance that they are not being abandoned. Let the Prime Minister know that it is only by keeping people in jobs that the future of Australian workers, their families and their communities can be secured. If we guarantee wages now we will keep people in jobs and out of welfare. Sign the petition for a guaranteed wage subsidy and let Scott Morrison know Australian workers need a government that puts the well-being of workers first.
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  • COVID-19: Students Demand Government Response
    The COVID-19 crisis has highlighted the social inequality many young people have experienced for too long. While the world tries to manage an unfolding pandemic, this crisis has led to insecurity in housing, income, and study without action from our government. This crisis will affect all aspects of the lives of students and young people. Casual workers, most of whom are students, have no guarantee that they will get paid if their workplace is to shut down or they must self-isolate. Working people need to know they don’t have to make the decision between going to work sick, or self-isolating and not being able to pay their bills. At Universities, our campuses are closing and moving online, while ongoing fears about fees and future of study, especially for international students, remain unaddressed. So many questions remain unanswered, but what we know is that if this continues, bills will stack up, evictions will occur, and income support payments will be lost. In its silence, our government is finalising a generation of inequality for today’s young people. As they move towards announcing their second stimulus package, young workers and students are begging for support. The Morrison government is yet to respond to our concerns. Instead, focusing on lining the pockets of business and giving out one off welfare payments that will fail to bring students out of poverty. Students and young people cannot continue to be left behind. This statement is endorsed by dozens of student representatives from around the country, representing hundreds of thousands of students whose livelihoods and futures are under threat. We are demanding action. The government must finally take leadership during this crisis and support the Australians who have been forgotten. Workers, students, and young people need action to protect their income, housing, and study. To fail at this now will hurt this nation for years to come.
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  • Pay Early Educators and Keep Centres Viable!
    Our sector is at crisis point. Despite the global pandemic we are facing, we risk our health every day to go to work. We are essential workers. Without us businesses will close, families will lose their incomes, and vulnerable children will lose their support. You can help protect us now. Provide us with the hand-held temperature scanners that are being used in Singapore to check children’s temperature before they enter the centre. YOU MUST: Announce a comprehensive plan to ensure early childhood educators will continue to be paid throughout the pandemic. Provide us with temperature scanners. Announce funding to keep centres viable and allow them to provide additional leave to their workforce. We are doing our bit. It is time for you to do your bit. We can look after the economy and community, but only if you look after us. Tamika Hicks Early Educator
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  • Clubs Workers need urgent paid leave and ongoing support!
    We need this government to step up and ensure all workers who are unable to work because of Coronavirus have access to special paid leave, and are not left out of pocket.
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