• Fair Pay for Fitness Workers!
    Some of us have been paid the same rate of $42.50 per class for 15 years service in the brand. While fees for club members and company profits go up, our pay remains the same. Cost of living is at an all-time high and we are struggling to make ends meet. GFIs are educators, community leaders and athletes who are deeply passionate about the work they do. It is time FLG recognised this and commits to a wage structure that is fair and sustainable. Union members are asking their community to stand with them and sign and share this petition.
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  • HungryPanda stop punishing your workers!
    HungryPanda is punishing Zhuoying for speaking up about delivery rider conditions. Now she is unable to afford rent and is relying on food from her housemates. The company thought punishing Zhuoying would silence her - they were wrong. Zhuoying is determined to continue the fight for herself and other workers in the gig economy. Undeterred by HungryPanda's relaliation, she continues to organise and plans to protest in the coming weeks. We can't let HungryPanda's patterns of exploiting riders continue.
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  • Stuff your International Women's Day Cupcakes
    This International Women's Day, we demand action from Corporate Australia: * Disclose whether human resources and management have received training in implementing the new universal entitlement to paid family violence leave * Pledge to stop using "non-disclosure agreements" that silence women who experience workplace sexual harassment. Stop covering-up workplace hazards! * Close the superannuation gap by paying super on parental leave so we can have safe and dignified retirements! * Open your books and publish your gender wage gap data. Show us what your gender pay gap really is and fix it. * Commit to secure jobs, improved flexible work and working-from-home policies that support women workers who shoulder caring responsibilities * Back programs that support women from historically marginalised and excluded communities get into good work * Respect us and be transparent about the reproductive health leave you offer staff * Support your workers to attend International Women's Day rallies around Australia!
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    Created by We Are Union - Women
  • End the failed privatisation of NSW Government cleaning services
    • Cleaners live in every corner of the state – cleaning over 2000 public schools, TAFE campuses and thousands of other government buildings • They are paid fractionally more than the minimum wage • Cleaners' excessive workloads can equate to as little as 43 seconds to complete each of the hundreds of tasks they are required to each shift • School cleaners have one highest workers compensation premiums in the state! Keeping our class rooms clean shouldn’t be a dangerous job! • NSW tax-payers are expected to pay the contractors more than half-a-billion dollars in 2024. Every dollar from this that goes towards CEO bonuses, share buy-backs and shareholders’ profits, is a dollar that isn’t going into a cleaners pocket. • 2024 marks thirty years since the NSW Government outsourced the cleaning of schools and government buildings. Cleaners can’t continue to wait for safe and secure jobs. All workers deserve a fair wage and to go home in one piece. The best way to ensure this is by bringing school cleaners back in house once again.
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  • Don't let lobbyists run bullsh*t ads!
    The laws are designed to prevent big business exploiting workers and finding loopholes to avoid paying workers leave, decent wages and superannuation. Rather than complying with the law and paying workers properly, the Minerals Council and Business lobby is spending MILLIONS on ads, trying to pressure politicians to back track on the laws. Our democracy relies on an informed voting population. But big money is trying to pit workers against workers by claiming exploitation of workers saves money. They're even claiming that rents will go up if they can't exploit labourers anymore! It's nonsense, and they should be ashamed. These big-money ads are a disgrace, and no respectable broadcaster should carry them.
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    Created by Victorian Trades Hall Council
  • \Immediate change in Netball Australia’s leadership to heal and grow netball
    Netball is cherished in the hearts of Australians. Arguably our most consistently successful national sports team, the Diamonds have been a source of national pride over many decades. Even more than this, Netball, the sport and its players, have provided places, communities and people who have supported, developed and showcased literally millions of strong independent women for almost 100 years. The current leadership has taken our sport to its lowest point. It has fractured the fabric of netball and irreparably damaged relationships. In the lead up to Australian Netball’s centenary in 2027, the sport deserves better. Joyce Brown OAM World Champion Diamonds Captain 3 x World Champion Diamonds Coach Sport Australia Hall of Fame Inductee
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  • Fair Pay for Ambulance Mechanics!
    In the heart of rural Victoria, our Fleet Maintenance Officers (FMOs) are the unsung heroes ensuring that Ambulance Victoria's vehicles are ready to respond to emergencies 24/7. We're the ones working weekends and late nights, facing 2 am callouts to get a truck unstuck on the side of the road or animal strikes and the truck breakdowns. Our purpose and dedication is unwavering, because we understand the critical role we play in saving lives. Without FMOs, Ambulance Victoria paramedics wouldn't have the reliable fleet they need to serve our communities. Many won’t know that in that in 2001 with 22 FMO’s we serviced 272 vehicles and now in 2023, 22 FMO’s are responsible for 755 vehicles. That's a 177% increase of vehicle volume, let alone managing the increased complexities of technology. Yet, our efforts often go unnoticed, and Ambulance Victoria isn't recognizing the vital work we do. We've been in negotiations, urging them to embrace much-needed changes, and progress is slow to none. Here's what we're fighting for: - A fair pay increase that aligns with other emergency services mechanics. - Career progression through Increments 3, 6 & 9. - Adequate staffing levels to meet the demands of our crucial role. We are a close-knit and dedicated team, and now, we're reaching out to all Ambulance Victoria staff and the broader Victorian community for support. How You Can Help: Join us in making our voices heard! Sign our petition to stand with FMOs and support our bargaining claims. Your signature will send a clear message to the Victorian Government that our work is invaluable and deserves respect. Can we count on you to back us up? Together, we can ensure that FMOs receive the recognition and support we need to continue serving our community with the highest level of dedication. Thank you for standing with us!
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  • Wake up big business. Hands off our sleepover pay.
    All workers need to be able to rest and recover between working hours. They also have the right to enjoy work-life balance outside of work. Residential care workers and disability support workers support some of the most vulnerable people in the community and provide essential care and assistance for clients to participate fully in their daily lives. The ASU, as the union for all social and community sector workers and disability support workers, is behind this campaign to demand that every worker has the right to safe working conditions with fair pay. We demand that sleepover shifts are respected – workers’ safety and wellbeing is on the line, and clients will pay the price. Join our campaign to stop big business attacking your pay and safe working conditions.
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    Created by Australian Services Union
  • First Responder Superannuation
    We all rely on Firefighters and Paramedics to turn up in our greatest time of need. The current system punishes their dedication and service, and punishes their families, by undermining their financial security in retirement.
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    Created by UFUA Tasmania & HACSU Tasmania
  • WorkCover that works for every Victorian
    As unionists, we know that WorkCover is in need of reform. We also believe this is a moment where we can make greater changes to improve the safety of Victorian workers, address the root causes of these injuries and have a system that is responsive to their medical needs. We do not believe these changes will achieve that. Sign the petition to show your support for injured workers.
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    Created by OHS Reps
  • I support dairy workers!
    The dairy industry is currently facing a crisis. From fluctuating milk prices and environmental challenges, the industry is at a crossroads. As they face these challenges, workers, who are on the frontline, must be given a seat at the table. Their insights, experiences, and dedication are invaluable in shaping the future of the dairy sector. The plummeting levels of milk production in Australia to a 30-year low is not just a crisis for the dairy industry, but a pressing issue for the working class and the nation at large. Skyrocketing prices for dairy products disproportionately affect everyday Australians, especially those on fixed or lower incomes. Moreover, the dwindling milk supply has a direct impact on job security for union members who are dairy workers—both farmers and those employed in processing plants. If the industry falters, it's the workers who'll bear the brunt, facing lay-offs and financial instability, further undermining already vulnerable regional communities where many of our members live and work. This dire situation demands that union voices be front and centre in shaping any solutions. State and federal governments must consult with union representatives to invest urgently in the industry's future. The challenges of climate change, which affect both supply and worker conditions, and the unfair pricing dictated by supermarket duopolies like Coles and Woolworths, require a united, collective response. Now, more than ever, we need to mobilise to secure fair pay, conditions, and job security for our members. Our union is committed to fighting for these rights, and we urge all stakeholders to act before the industry reaches a point of no return.
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  • End Unpaid Placements for Community Services Degrees!
    Work placements or internships are currently a requirement for many degrees in Australia. These placements provide essential on-the-job learning, however, students studying Community Services Degrees are required to work excessive hours unpaid. Students studying social work are required to complete 1,000 hours of unpaid placements. That’s almost a third of a year, working full-time. These hours are compulsory and yet this work is not paid. This situation is causing dropout rates to increase, with over 1 in 5 studying a Community Service degree withdrawing from study due to financial stress. Many community services workers undertake social work or other degrees to boost their qualifications, but right now they are being forced to choose between doing unpaid work placements or having enough money to pay the bills. No one should have to choose between feeding their families or not to complete their studies. Additionally, both students and employers would benefit by building an employment relationship to help with career opportunities down the track. It’s time to end unpaid placements and ensure students are supported throughout their education and into their careers.
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