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To: Nationals deputy leader Bridget McKenzie

Bridget McKenzie Resign Now

Bridget McKenzie resigned.

Resign Now.

Why is this important?

An independent Auditor-General report released this month found political bias in how $100 million worth of sports grants were awarded by Sports Minister Bridget McKenzie.*1 The grants were awarded on the basis of which seats would benefit the Liberals and Nationals at the election.

Many of the grants were awarded to wealthy sports clubs, rather than grassroots community sports. For example, one grant was given to a golf club in the wealthy Adelaide Hills to upgrade its foyer to make more money from wedding bookings.*2

Bridget McKenzie failed to disclose her membership of a shooting club which she then awarded taxpayer money.*3

Allocating money to benefit your political party and your own benefit is an abuse of power. The only reasonable course of action is for Bridget McKensie to resign now.





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