• Help us protect childcare services at Georges River Council
    It's important because we want childcare services to continue to be operated by council. Please sign the petition on the right-hand side of this page. By signing this petition, we are calling on Council Management and Councillors to continue to provide the vital community services.
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  • Tell UTAS to Properly Fund the TUU
    The Tasmanian University Union is a core part of student life at UTAS. The TUU runs student initiatives, events, provides leadership opportunities, advocates for students on campus and is an employer to many staff who work tirelessly for students. In 2019, UTAS slashed funding of the TUU to $430,000, down from $900,000 in 2018. This is a whopping 52% funding cut. This massive cut to TUU funding comes just 12 months out from the funding agreement end between UTAS and the TUU. It is clear that UTAS is using this cut as a steppingstone to cease funding the TUU and thus close down the student union. The TUU is negotiating a particularly difficult time as it undergoes a transformative program, experience revenue loss from the closure of the Co-Op Bookstore, and suffers the cuts imposed on it by the university. TUU staff redundancies were being considered as part of the transformation program, but with these cuts, the redundancies go from being potential to inevitable. To protect students, to protect workers, and to ensure that the TUU can keep serving students and providing student community culture on campus we, as students of the University of Tasmania, are calling upon the Vice-Chancellor Rufus Black and UTAS to reinstate full funding of the TUU to 2018 levels and to commit to funding the student union past 2021.
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  • Keep St Bede's in Public Hands
    This petition is an online version of the paper petition which parents are using to collect signatures at the school gates. Please don't sign both the online version and the paper one!
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  • Get funding and donations to bushfire hit communities NOW!
    Charities have been criticised for not providing donations fast enough, yet our Government has been much much slower. From Northern NSW right down to the South Coast, families are still living tents or evacuation centres . They need help and support now!
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    Created by Unions NSW
  • Fair Parking Moreland
    Fair Parking Moreland is a community organisation that is committed to repealing the punitive parking changes being enacted by Moreland City Council, and ensuring that the Moreland Integrated Transport Strategy includes fair parking provisions that work for all residents. As they stand, the current policy impacts negatively on people with a disability, carers, older people, students and low wage workers. Parking in affected areas will be limited to 2 hours right up until 11 pm. People in houses will be able to buy parking permits valid only for their own street - and developments built after August 2011 won't be eligible at all! Staff in schools, childcare, aged care, health and retail businesses won’t be able to park near work. Residents won’t be able to have dinner parties longer than 2 hours. People will risk fines for everyday activities like taking their children to sport, having coffee with a friend after shopping, or waiting a bit too long for the doctor.
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    Created by Shirley Jackson
  • Mater, Don't Cut Pharmacist Pay
    Pharmacists are taking industrial action to fight off these draconian cuts. We're asking for your support so we can show Mater that the community values the care provided by pharmacists, and that it's not ok to cut pay.
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    Created by Gianni Sottile
  • Bridget McKenzie Resign Now
    An independent Auditor-General report released this month found political bias in how $100 million worth of sports grants were awarded by Sports Minister Bridget McKenzie.*1 The grants were awarded on the basis of which seats would benefit the Liberals and Nationals at the election. Many of the grants were awarded to wealthy sports clubs, rather than grassroots community sports. For example, one grant was given to a golf club in the wealthy Adelaide Hills to upgrade its foyer to make more money from wedding bookings.*2 Bridget McKenzie failed to disclose her membership of a shooting club which she then awarded taxpayer money.*3 Allocating money to benefit your political party and your own benefit is an abuse of power. The only reasonable course of action is for Bridget McKensie to resign now. 1 https://www.abc.net.au/news/2020-01-16/sports-club-angry-at-bridget-mckenzie-government-grants/11873320 2 https://www.theguardian.com/australia-news/2020/jan/21/upmarket-tennis-and-golf-clubs-among-recipients-of-major-sports-grants 3 https://www.smh.com.au/politics/federal/mckenzie-approved-36-000-for-shooting-club-without-saying-she-was-a-member-20200121-p53tbf.html
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  • Scott Morrison, please go back to Hawaii
    The Prime Minister has shown a level of incompetence and inability to effectively lead our country in a time of need and crisis.
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  • Kylie Minogue at Meredith NOW!
    Kylie is an important Australian icon. She would warm the hearts and souls of the Meredith community with her sweet choons.
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  • Say NO to Selling VicRoads
    Treasurer Tim Pallas is investigating the sale or part-privatisation of VicRoads. Bringing the private sector into VicRoads will mean job cuts, erosion of services, the closing down of regional offices, and risks to the security of our personal data and the integrity of our information. And workers have seen too many times what happens to wages and conditions of those who keep their jobs when the private sector takes over the management of public services This isn’t what anyone voted for when this Government was re-elected in 2018. Daniel Andrews acknowledged the failures of privatisation just last year, reflecting with the benefit of history on the problems caused by past sell-offs of public assets. We’re asking him to rein in his Treasurer and protect these workers and their communities.
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  • Introduce a comprehensive registration scheme for NSW engineers
    The introduction of such a scheme would bring our state into line with other states, ensure the rightful recognition of professional engineers in NSW and above all else, provide community safety. With no registration scheme in place, NSW risks becoming a haven for unqualified engineers who cannot practice in neighbouring states, exposing the public to intolerable safety risks. The Professional Engineers Registration Bill 2019, introduced into Parliament by Yasmin Catley MP on Friday 25 October will ensure the engineers across NSW are adequately qualified, providing the protection our community deserves. Help us put pressure on the government to introduce a mandatory engineer registration scheme in NSW - sign our petition and we'll send an email to the Premier on your behalf.
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    Created by Professionals Australia
  • Put SMARTbuses on the suburban rail loop route
    The Suburban Rail Loop is a great idea and will provide an orbital loop around Melbourne , with new stations connections between major railway lines from the Frankston line to the Werribee line via Melbourne Airport. Suburban Rail Loop will connect Melbourne’s middle suburbs to priority growth precincts, and link all Victorians to major health, education centres at Deakin, Monash and Bundoora, and outer employment centres. But it will take 50 years, or more, to build. Putting SMARTbus services on the route brings all the benefits of the loop to Melbourne residents right now. More information at https://rodbarton.com.au/smartbus-service-for-suburban-rail-loop-route/
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