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To: Scott Morrison

Buy the Aurora Australis Ship as an Emergency Response Vessel

The bush fire emergency has brought out the best in our community including the Australian maritime industry.
A number of Australian seafarers were vital for rescue and support to communities impacted and endangered by horrific fires.

We believe Australia needs an emergency response vessel that can be on standby to assist in these emergencies.

Australia's icebreaker, the Aurora Australis could be that vessel.

Scott Morrison has an opportunity to buy this incredible ship and use it to protect and rescue Australians during natural disasters. As we saw during the recent bushfires, ocean vessels are critical for delivering supplies and evacuating people when roads are closed.

Why is this important?

The Aurora Australis is the perfect vessel for emergency response. It's features include:

• Ability to transport and transfer over 1 million litres of fuel
• A functional hospital
• A radio room that could restore communication temporarily
• A helicopter Pad and refueling station
• Accommodation for 109 persons over and above crew numbers
• Water making capability
• Storage capacity for emergency equipment, clothes or non perishable food

To build a new ship with this capacity would cost in the hundreds of millions of dollars, yet Australia has the opportunity to purchase the Aurora Australis for a fraction of the cost.



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