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To: Channel Nine

Channel Nine: cancel Pauline Hanson Now


We've been campaigning for months to cancel Sam Newman and Pauline Hanson from Channel 9 and kick them off the air, and our movement has WON!!!

Now we're coming after NewsCorp. Take the #HateIsNotNews pledge with us --->

For too long Rupert Murdoch has used his media platforms like The Australian and Sky News to spread racism and hate speech. Andrew Bolt, get ready to be cancelled next. ❌

We need to put the spotlight on Channel 9 - and stop the Today Show giving Hanson a platform to broadcast her hateful, racist views.

Why is this important?

Because Pauline Hanson’s rhetoric is dangerous -- it inflames and radicalises those who seek to do violence to others. It emboldens far right extremists.

Many recent perpetrators of mass shootings in the US have closely echoed the kinds of racist, inflammatory comments broadcast on Fox News and other parts of the media.

Let’s stop our media from becoming a platform for hate. Sign the petition to Channel Nine now.

How it will be delivered

With thousands of supporters behind us, we can organise a press conference and petition delivery directly to the Channel 9 studios.

Reasons for signing

  • Pauline Hanson's bigoted comments and views feeds those with Neo Nazi views
  • A vile, evil woman. I thought she could not sink any lower until the awful murder of Hannah Clarke and her children. Pauline would be doing society a huge favour by apologising, resigning from the senate and never speaking publicly again.
  • Australia is already facist enough without blatant racists given more space to voice their dangerous views


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