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To: Knox Mayor Marcia Timmers-Leitch and Knox CEO Bruce Dobson

City of Knox: don’t abandon our kindergartens!

This campaign has ended.

The City of Knox is considering walking away from delivering over 30 sessional kindergarten services.

Knox councillors were not elected with a mandate to abandon the kindergarten programs they deliver – and we cannot let them.

Local families and other community members want Knox Council to keep operating their kindergartens – not cut and run.

Why is this important?

If Knox Council abandons kindergarten programs, it would mean that the families of 3- and 4-year-old children in the Knox area would no longer be able access Knox Council-delivered free kindergarten programs. Currently the Council delivers high-quality play-based early childhood education.

We know that children benefit from local kindergarten services that reflect the context and makeup of the local community. Families rightly expect their local council to provide kindergarten programs as part of the services they deliver. Why should the children of Knox miss out?

Sign and share the petition with others so they can tell Knox Council that all local children deserve high-quality kindergarten education provided by their local council.

Knox, VIC, Australia

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2023-08-22 11:00:02 +1000

Despite a hard-fought campaign that got national media attention, Knox City Council has decided to put politics before the interests of children and families, ignore overwhelming community feedback, and walk away from providing comprehensive kindergarten services.

The decision shows a complete lack of respect for staff, families and the local community. It leaves 120 employees with no job security and will impact the early learning of approximately 1,100 three and four-year-olds.

Despite the outcome, every person who supported this campaign should be proud. The Knox Council Mayor hoped to make this decision without the community knowing but you turned it into a public issue.

2023-06-15 15:11:25 +1000

Update: The City of Knox has prepared a report recommending that it slash kindergarten services from nearly 30 to just two. That's right - two.

This move is a real blow to the families and children of Knox. The council votes on the proposal this Monday - so please share the petition to make our voices heard!

2023-06-09 19:59:57 +1000

1,000 signatures reached

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