To: Minister Victor Dominello



Restore old CTP laws or fix broken new CTP laws ASAP before people start dying due to new CTP changes that are causing confusion, chaos, panic, frustration & delays to assessment & treatment.

Why is this important?

People are suffering due to car accidents that have ruined their lives due to CTP changes. Australians were lucky to save $30.00 & now Australians have lost their protection due to new CTP changes. If changes don't happen soon lives will be lost due to a new CTP system that only favour the insurance company & their profits

Reasons for signing

  • The new CTP laws have ruined my life in so many ways. As a victim of the new CTP laws, they have caused me to suffer from a range of emotion & have impacted all the people around me. Speaking to others subjected to CTP changes I wasn't the only one. I need to fight for all Australians. CTP changes leave accident victims with out the care & treatment they deserve. Australians are forced to pay CTP that doesn't look after Australians.