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To: David Peever - Chair of the Cricket Australia Board

David Peever should resign for the sake of Australian cricket

Another win for Megaphone!

David Peever should resign for the sake of Australian cricket

Dear Mr Peever, I would ask that you resign from your position as Chair of Cricket Australia. Your first five years saw you attack the players union, cause a tour to be missed, alienate sponsors and oversaw the growth of an ugly win at all costs mentality infect the elite men's game. Another five years of this and you will wreck the national game. Do the right thing; take responsibility for your failed leadership and resign.

Why is this important?

I am a lover of our great national game. In the five years of David Peever's stewardship we have seen ugly corporatism infect the sport. Millions of Australians are rejecting corporatism and believe that the rules have to be changed. Mr Peever is running contrary to what Australians want by picking fights with the players union and leading an organisation that has had to get an external review to say that it suffers systematic arrogance. The growth of this toxic culture happened on Mr Peever's watch; he must go for the good of the game.


Reasons for signing

  • A wise man once said 'What do they know of cricket those who only cricket know'. David Peever displays by his actions no understanding of the ethics of cricket and its history as part of australia's culture. He must take responsibility for the recent excesses and resign. the fish stinks from the head down.
  • The 'in your face' Australia has lived long enough. Time to win in ethical spirit.


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