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To: Macquarie University Council

Declare a Climate Emergency at Macquarie University

We staff, students, and members of the public call on the University's Council to formally declare a Climate Emergency and to prepare Macquarie University for known consequences.

We seek the following immediate measures:

1. HEALTH GUIDELINES: clear guidelines for students and staff about air quality, very high temperatures, and adverse weather events that affect our Campus;

2. CLIMATE STRATEGY: development and publication of a Climate Innovation Strategy to increase the University's support for low-carbon innovation, adaptation, and climate research;

3. ANNUAL STATEMENT: an annual statement on the University's progress towards its Climate Innovation goals;

4. TEACH IT: a commitment to teach aspects of climate change science and research throughout the curriculum; and

5. SUPPORT SCIENCE: a public assertion of the role of research, from across the natural, physical, and social sciences and the humanities, in contributing to informed debate, evidence-based decision making and policy.

Why is this important?

1. OUR HEALTH MATTERS: This is important because climate change is affecting our health and wellbeing.

2. OUR TECHNOLOGY CAN HELP: Universities have a major role to play in the science and technology necessary to deal with the consequences of climate change on human societies and the ecosystem.

3. OUR EDUCATION CHANGES LIVES: Universities educate our community, workers, and future leaders about science, public policy, and the threats of climate change.



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