To: Daryl Quinlivan, Secretary, Department of Agriculture and Water Resources

Dept of Agriculture & Water Resources: Make Biosecurity Broadbanding fair

This is important to us and we need three simple things:

• Develop a process for entering the broadband that is fair and reasonable and less stringent than the recruitment process.
• Take immediate action to make the required training available.
• Provide a 12 month higher duties assignment (HDA) for those who have been able to enter the broadband but cannot progress due to the Departments inability to make the training available.

Why is this important?

APS3 Biosecurity Officers are deeply disappointed that after many months, department representatives have proposed an APS3 to 4 broadband process that is not fair or reasonable.

The process that has begun makes access to the broadband dependent on applying for promotion through a rigorous recruitment process.

This was not the intention of the broadband when we negotiated our EA in good faith.