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To: Claire Annesley, Dean of the UNSW Faculty of Arts, Design & Architecture

Stop the ADA Degree Cuts at UNSW!

The UNSW SRC calls on the University of New South Wales Faculty of Arts, Design & Architecture (UNSW ADA) to stop cutting degree offerings.

Why is this important?

The University of New South Wales Faculty of Arts, Design & Architecture (UNSW ADA) is trying to rationalise 13 degrees into 5. This is unacceptable.

Current and future students deserve certainty in deciding their future. Students studying aspirations shouldn't be left to the whims of management seeking to 'rationalise'.

Management is continuing the practice of using temporary COVID driven statistics to destroy unique educational experiences that are held with high regard by the student body. Completely in contradiction of the $305 million profit posted for 2021.

We call on the ADA Faculty to not axe these degrees or make further changes without extensive student consultation on how the degree can be improved and not why the degree should be cut.

The UNSW SRC expresses serious concerns that this restructure and/or proposal to streamline the degrees to offer students a smoother academic experience at UNSW should not result in further staff cuts and a reduction in the availability of support. Relying on the understanding of improvement of experience must not severely debilitate the quality of academics and breadth of course offerings made to students.
Sydney NSW 2052, Australia

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