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To: Australian Communications and Media Authority

Don't let lobbyists run bullsh*t ads!

Major broadcasters need to immediately stop airing deceptive ads about the new Same Job, Same Pay laws!

Big business thinks they run our democracy. Right now they are blasting TV, radio and online ads across Australia making false claims about laws to protect workers.

Why is this important?

The laws are designed to prevent big business exploiting workers and finding loopholes to avoid paying workers leave, decent wages and superannuation. Rather than complying with the law and paying workers properly, the Minerals Council and Business lobby is spending MILLIONS on ads, trying to pressure politicians to back track on the laws.

Our democracy relies on an informed voting population. But big money is trying to pit workers against workers by claiming exploitation of workers saves money. They're even claiming that rents will go up if they can't exploit labourers anymore! It's nonsense, and they should be ashamed.

These big-money ads are a disgrace, and no respectable broadcaster should carry them.




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